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10 Benefits of Minimalist Living

10 Benefits of Minimalist Living


Adopting a minimalist lifestyle has a wide range of benefits both tangible and intangible. Some benefits are immediate, such as a clutter-free, easy to maintain home. Other benefits will become obvious as you continue to embrace minimalism.

Of course, the biggest benefit – and the ultimate goal of minimalism – is inner peace, happiness and the enjoyment of a meaningful and purposeful life. Here are some other benefits you can expect to enjoy:


  1. Freedom

The freedom that minimalism brings you is twofold. First, you become free from the control of material possessions.  Releasing the huge burden of buying, owning and maintaining all of your stuff brings an exhilarating sense of freedom.

Secondly, you become free to explore. Discover and pursue the things that are truly meaningful to you.


  1. Purpose

When you liberate yourself from the pressures of consumerism and materialism, you are able to explore more meaningful options and find your true purpose. This could be advocating for a cause you champion, improving your personal relationships, or improving your mind, just to name a few.


  1. Respect for the environment.

Simplifying your life brings awareness of so much that you may have ignored before.

The less we buy and consume, the more environmentally conscious we become. We understand that purchasing less means less packaging and less waste. A minimalist lifestyle also means you consume less energy.

In fact, advocating for green living may become a new purpose in life.

  1. Do what you really love

Minimalism allows you to rethink your career path. Owning and buying less takes the pressure of off having to stay in a job you hate. You can consider changing careers, starting a home business, opening a restaurant or whatever your dream job may be.


  1. Eliminate comparison

When you experience the amazing joys of minimalism, you will never settle for anything less. You stop comparing yourself to others and envying what they have. You stop trying to “keep up” by having the latest car, the latest trendy gadget or wearing the latest fashions. You no longer care what others think because you are secure, happy and immensely richer in your   minimalist lifestyle.


  1. Set the past free

Decluttering your life will also help you declutter emotionally. The peace of mind that minimalism brings you, the awareness of what’s really valuable in life allows you to completely release the past and savor every present moment. Mindfulness is one of the best benefits of minimalist living.

  1. Expands your heart

Minamlstts will tell you that simplifying their lives has made them kinder and more loving. This is because they are under less stress and worry and have more time to invest in relationships. They also learn to appreciate things more.

The inner peace and joy you experiences expand your heat with Kindness, love and compassion for others.

  1. Display what you love

Owning less gives you more space to display the things that you really love and to make a statement. This could be anything from a spectacular antique piece, a beautiful wall hanging or your grandmother’s handmade quilt.

A few artfully placed pieces will really stand out in your home – and make your home stand out as well!


  1. You never lose things

With a streamlined minimalist home, last-minute scrambles to find misplaced things will become history. You will no longer have to turn your closed inside out looking for a particular piece of clothing.

This may seem trivial but we’ve all experienced this type of hassle and know how frustrating it can be.

With a neat orderly minimalist home, you will know the bliss of instantly finding whatever it is you need the minute you open a drawer or a cupboard,


  1. Inspire others

The changes that a minimalist lifestyle brings about in you will make people sit up and notice. Your newfound calmness and peace of mind will make people wonder what your secret is.

Tell people about your minimalist experience and inspire them to give it a try!


These are just some of the few benefits that you will come to enjoy when you become a minimalist. In addition, you will have better health, less stress, more energy and more focus.

Minimalist living opens new doors and opportunities that you never dreamed existed. It creates independence from material possessions and freedom to explore your options and decide where real value lies for you.


Ferry Madden
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