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12 Foods That Will Help You Fight Sugar Cravings

Knowledge is power. Instead trying to quit sugar “cold turkey,” use the following 12 foods as your starting base to fight off cravings.

Remember that moderation is the key to success. When you drop processed sugar from your diet and look more towards natural sugars from fruit, you still need to have the right information.

For example, you may use bananas as a prime source for a snack. However too many bananas per day can drive your potassium levels up.

Let’s look at 12 foods you need to be aware of.


  1. Instead of getting a smoothie at one of those kiosks, make your own green smoothie. Look to use kale/green apples/organic honey and water as your 1st Kale has many benefits and is high in vitamin C, which will reduce your sugar cravings.
  2. Looking to eat something after dinner? Try fermented vegetables as a substitute for candy. Korean kimchi may be too spicy for you but you can investigate making a carrot/jicama mixture, which is crunchy and delicious. Jicama is also a favorite of those on the Keto diet, as it can be eaten in so many different ways, including Jicama fries.
  3. Sweet potatoes, like Jicama can be made into fries. Sweet potatoes are very healthy and can be enjoyed by baking them whole and consuming or adding a bit of cinnamon. Eat moderately however as they do have a lot of natural sugar.
  4. Consider eating healthy nuts and seeds, such as walnuts and chia seeds. You can munch on them for snacks or add them to any type of salad that you wish to have for lunch. Just remember not to add store bought salad dressings. Go for balsamic vinegar or olive oil.
  5. You may not have thought about eggs as a sugar replacement but they are a good bet. Eating one or two boiled eggs for breakfast or after dinner snack, will help keep your stomach full and stave off food cravings. Add a touch of black pepper or paprika for taste.
  6. Many people are addicted not only to sugar, but the crunchy feeling from eating chips or chocolate bars with added nuts or candy bits. Replace those sugar foods with grapes. Grapes have enough natural sugar to override your desire for the processed stuff and they can be considered as a crunchy food.
  7. If you are having trouble cutting out the sweet treats, switch over to dark chocolate. This chocolate has a high cocoa content and is considered to be healthy due to a large amount of antioxidants, which can help the heart. Scientific studies show it can also be good for the brain, unlike processed sugar that is found in cookies and other types of sweets.
  8. Plain Greek yogurt can fill your sugar cravings. You can add small bits of fruit if desired. Stay away from yogurts that have added fruit as it is not fresh and there may be additional sugar added.
  9. Dark berries like blueberries and blackberries have that sweet flavour you crave and also are very healthy with their antioxidant properties. Just eat them in moderation. A handful is best rather than consuming a bowl of berries in milk.
  10. Avocados are very popular for people who want to be healthy. They can be eaten on their own, put in a smoothie or even use them to make avocado ice cream. They truly are a great sugar substitute and one of the best food items you can use while detoxing from sugar. As you may be aware, people add avocado to their main meals, such as a salad or even a slice on top of a homemade hamburger.

Ferry Madden
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