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5 Best Outdoor Dining Restaurants To Visit In Miami

Traveling is fun when you get to explore something of your taste and traits. Miami is a fascinating American city. Pretty known for its beaches, deco architecture, and little Havana, Miami is worth of go-to destination. The city has stunning street arts and flooding water views to always keep your eyes awestruck. While you can enjoy eating its native fish, marlin & mahi-mahi, at its spectacular seafood restaurants, you'll love to see the city with its beautiful bays. The eateries surrounding with water views offer the intact Cuban culture of food and cigars. 

It's challenging to choose an exceptional restaurant to dine in Miami because all the places in the town are just perfect. To make your post-lockdown dining experience easy, we've compiled a list of five best dining restaurants to visit in Miami. These five places aren't just outdoor restaurants in Miami, but a retreat for those who love food & worship taste. In current times of pandemic, only 70% of restaurants have reopened their terraces and bistros to serve visitors the delicious Miami meals. Go through the list before you get tucked online into thousands of enticing Miami restaurants. 


1. Glass & Vine:

What's better than to eat recipes directly from the kitchen of a Forbes 30 under 30 titleholder chef? Giorgio Rapicavoli is killing the Glass & Vine restaurant graph in Miami with carefully discovered dishes and creatively established restaurant space. In Glass & Vine, amid the lush nature neighboring the sea, you can have an early brunch, lunch, or dinner of your choice. The restaurant is a masterpiece because of its forest resort-like appearance and a classy crowd. They blend the local ingredients well and serve the perfect platter to all the guests. 

The peacock park of Glass & Vine is like New York's Central Park restaurant, with the same elegance and richness. From the finest wines to the nicest cocktails, you'll find everything you want and need. Its special Miami Spice Lunch and Dinner menu include appetizer choice, main meal items, and beers & wines for desserts. 


2. Lagniappe:

Remember how you feel partying in the friend's beach house backyard during weekends? Well, the same way you'll feel while being at the Lagniappe's nights. The restaurant is surely suitable if you want to spend a casual evening having some excellent food. You can grab your choice of a wine bottle from the stocked coolers and buy it before you uncork it. The wines available are mostly of the local brands with an affordable price and great taste. The hanging lights and the mismatched furniture in the garden restaurant are enough to create an unusually attractive vibe. 

food catering during covid-19

Order something direct from its live grill. Sautéed veggies, chicken, Mahi, salmon, and churrasco are a few of the options to select from its grill menu. Plus, the meat platters and cheese platters are to die for! Take your travel companions to the place and have some fun for the night. 

3. Verde In The Pérez Art Museum Miami:

Overlooking the Biscayne Bay from the Pérez Art Museum, Verde is a spectacular restaurant featuring both indoor and outdoor seating arrangements. The place romanticizes brunch, elevates the impression of the towners at lunch, and delights the date night. People mostly visit the place for coffee and a light bite, day drinking, or a casual hang out. The restaurant knows how to wow guests with its handcrafted cocktails, alcoholic drinks, and unique dishes. 

The exhibition inspired food creations, make the guests go flawlessly for food. While the choice of mimosas and squash blossom pizza will be sheer delight, the salads, pizzas, and crafted beverages, are never to miss items. The restaurant offers sweeping views of whatever eyes can see and makes taste buds feel heavenly for whatever it eats. 

4. Doce Provisions:

Out of a few fantastic culinary experiences in Miami, Doce provisions offer one. Little Havana hosts a global audience for its world-famous cigars. After knowing about the Doce Provisions restaurant, you'll have two reasons to visit Little Havana. The restaurant is a good match for traditional Cuban culture and trendy culinary delights. The founder, Justin Sherrer, and co-founder, Lisetty Llampalla, are making the lives of people happier by serving impeccable food in their Little Havana restaurant. 

The core attraction is its patio under a pergola with eye-catching wooden benches. It accommodates guests while they can eat bacon egg, Arroz Frito, fried chicken, waffles, bread & toasts, Cubano with Italian, etc.

5. Rouge:

A complete French scene with food and jazz, Rouge has been stunning people in Miami since 2011. The courtyard place is a little less spacious than others on the list, but the place is idyllic. The lawns are full of sparkling lights, murals, shrubs, and vines. The place is so romantic that people who come single here might end up having a date. The food is expensive, and the meal plates are tempting. From couscous to risottos until pastries, you can have food ready on your demand. The wines, beers, and champagnes are absolute companions to you apart from its delicious food varieties. 



Whether it be seafood or Chinese, from Italian, French, to Asian, the restaurants in Miami have it all. With this list of five best restaurants, you can surely spend each of your five nights at one of them daily. Also, check out this list of 28 restaurants in Miami you should try


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