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5 Easy Exercises To Lose Weight At Home

In order to lose weight exercise and diet are the two most important factors. But due to busy schedule and other commitments of the modern world have left us with no time to exercise. However saying so, it is also not true that in order to exercise right, gym is the only solution. There are numerous other ways where you can effectively lose weight from the comfort of your home and time. And, more to it, there are other ways to that you can easily adopt to lose weight.


We know that losing weight is not that easy as said by Best Dietitian In India, it requires a lot of hard work and dedication to achieve results. Yet, making some changes in the way we choose to eat and live can make a lot of difference in the way we look – slim and handsome. Everyone has a different way of losing weight, but if we look at it philosophically, most of the time it doesn’t work. The success lies in the fact that we need to understand the problem/s and act on them.

The first thing first – take out all misconceptions and advises that you have stored in your mind about weight loss. Then follow these simple measures at home to get the best results.


Some easy ways to lose weight at home


  • Make sure that you add fat to your diet, but only healthy fats

As a part of your diet, ensure that you are adding enough fats. Yes, you heard it right. Healthy fats not only helps you keep satisfied and full, but also aids in weight loss. Keto diet, is a classic example of this, where you are allowed to have almost 60 to 70 % fats, 20 to 25 % proteins and 5 to 10% carbs. Keto is one of the most effective diet plan prescribed by dieticians for weight loss.

Good fats or healthy fats are monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. These are found in a variety of foods and oils. Peanuts, avocados, nuts and vegetable oils are good example of healthy fats. Apart from aiding weight loss, healthy fats also helps in reducing the risks of heart diseases.


  • Wait till you are really hungry and ready to eat

Eating is such a habit that any situation like feeling of anxiety, nervousness, frustration, boredom and tension compels us to eat, even without feeling hungry. Many a times we go to the level of madness for a particular food. This is food craving and not real hunger. Identify and understand the difference between hunger and craving. Find other ways to express and control your emotions.

Also, pay attention to portion size and the cooking method. Make sure you eat in a smaller plate as it signals the brain that your plate is full and as much comes on the plate is enough to fill you up. Prefer to grill and roast than opting for frying foods.


  • Involve is activities during your pass time

In general it is we all want to either sit in front of the television watching our favourite movie or do something very sedentary during our pass time. It is better that whenever you have some pass time for yourself go for a walk in the nearby park or neighborhood. It has numerous benefits – you will stay fit and slim, you will socialize and the best part, you will be people’s person. There are numerous other benefits of involving in pass time activities that helps apart from involving in physical activities. It has proven to sharpen the brain by stimulating the mind and boosting creativity and relieve from stress.


  • Don’t drink, eat fruits

It simply means that the best way to enjoy fruits is have them natural and fresh. Packaged and sweetened juices are no good, as they are laden with added sugar and are unhealthy. Research conducted on the subject have also supported that eating fruits can lower chances of diabetes and drinking it, increases the chances.

Despite the inconvenience, eating fruit is far better than drinking it. Not only during the juicing process all the nutrients and other beneficial compounds along with the natural fibres.


  • Create a calorie deficit

Eating less calories is far better than consuming them and then trying to burn it off. It is somewhat like having a cheese burger and adding calories equivalent to the same amount that you will burn off in the treadmill trying almost an hour. So, the solution is very simple – count your calories and ensure that it comes from healthy sources like fruits and vegetables and other nutritious foods.



We all want to have a body that can make us proud and we can flaunt it. And, in this pursuit we tend to hook onto something that might prove wrong on the long run. Also, it has been seen that people refrain to spend money on fitness classes and dieticians thinking that, it will work or not. So, while you still want to take more time deciding what to do, try out these above mentioned ways and start losing weight.

Ferry Madden
Anyone can have a healthier body and a happier mind when armed with the right education, resources, and knowledge. I believe that staying fit does more than just maintain physical health, it also helps a person boost his or her self-esteem and outlook. Find plenty of information shared on losing weight, building muscle, eating healthy, and living a happy, healthy life.