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5 Facts You Should Know About Asian Rhinoplasty


Physical appearance and beauty have become a sought-after thing all around the globe. A majority of people today have a set notion of what beauty is. Such is the affluence of beauty that sometimes it plays a pivotal role in career progression and growth. Over the years, cosmetic surgery procedures have become prevalent. Among them, Asian rhinoplasty or nose job has become a go-to surgical treatment for many people.

Are you planning to get Asian rhinoplasty, or maybe you are just curious about it? Dive right in to find out everything you must know about this surgical procedure.  

What is Asian rhinoplasty?

Before delving further into the facts, let’s find out what Asian rhinoplasty is. It is the process of reshaping the nose through cosmetic surgery. The process not only enhances the appearance of your nose but can also prove helpful in case of a nose injury or any breathing problem. It is a sensitive procedure. The only difference between a bad and excellent rhinoplasty is a few millimeters. Therefore, it is wise to always opt for a qualified plastic surgeon like rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills, CA.

Asian rhinoplasty is a specific branch of the surgical procedure that focuses solely on Asian patients. Besides being the largest continent, Asia is also home to a diverse range of ethnic groups. Although there are significant variations in ethnic nasal and facial features, they are often stereotyped. With the impact of western culture and globalization, the Asian concept of beauty has altered over time. Many people undergo Asian rhinoplasty to improve their appearance by achieving a higher and well-defined nose while keeping their ethnic identity intact.

What are the five facts you must know about the procedure?

Whenever you plan to undergo cosmetic surgery, it is essential to gather the right information before deciding to take the plunge. It will not only help you understand the entire procedure but also have realistic expectations of the outcome. Here are five must-know facts about Asian rhinoplasty:  

1.       It’s About Shape As Well As Function

A majority of people believe that the sole purpose of a rhinoplasty is to enhance your nose’s looks, but it isn’t true. It focuses equally on the shape and function of the nose. While many other surgical procedures help treat functional issues like septoplasty and sinus surgery, Asian rhinoplasty can cater to both needs.

It can improve your nose’s shape by increasing or decreasing the size, filling a divot, removing a limp, or even getting a crooked nose straight. On the other hand, many surgeons also recommend it to treat breathing difficulties or correct any nose injury.  

2.       Your Health is Essential for A Positive Outcome

Before you undergo the procedure, you must sit down with the surgeon to discuss your medical history and current health. It is crucial because the results of the Asian rhinoplasty can depend significantly on your health. If you have any health condition, it can lead to complications during the surgery and put you at greater risk. The surgeon may even recommend delaying the procedure until resolving the underlying issues. While you don’t need to be in perfect health, the healthier you are, the better the results will be.   

3.       It is One of The Most Challenging Surgeries

Cosmetic surgeons all around the world have touted rhinoplasty as a complex and challenging surgery. The procedure becomes even more complicated in the case of Asian rhinoplasty due to the ethnic variations. The nose itself is a small organ, and it involves delicate nasal passages. Only a skilled surgeon can alter or sculpt the nose and produce a subtle yet enhanced change in your appearance.


4.       The Procedure is Highly Customizable

When it comes to performing an Asian rhinoplasty, there are innumerable ways to do it. Your surgeon will have to choose the best way to meet your needs and bring a positive outcome. They may even have to combine it with other surgical procedures like sinus surgery or septoplasty.  


5.       It Comes With a High Rate of Revision:

Even if you have chosen a skilled surgeon who has a lot of experience performing rhinoplasty, you may not get the desired results on the first go. Due to this, you may need to get revision surgery. The results can depend significantly on your nose’s ability to heal along with the number of tissues available. Also, note that it may take up to a year for the effects to subside and final results to become apparent.     

Final thoughts

Asian rhinoplasty differs from traditional rhinoplasty, both in terms of techniques used and patient’s expectations. If you’re thinking about going under the knife, make sure you know the procedure. It will undoubtedly help you reach an informed decision and manage your expectations well. Find a good doctor and get the nose of your dreams through Asian rhinoplasty

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