5 Fitness Tips to Get Your Dream Body

All occasions are good to work on your figure! As soon as you wake up, in front of the mirror, at the office or even in the metro… learn how to strengthen your body at any time of the day. No more routine: discover all our tips to have a dream body.

Work Your Posture In Awakening

You certainly know this: “stand up straight” … A refrain that was repeated to you over and over again as a child, to avoid having your back bent … But in the end, do you continue to grow yourself? So learn how to correct your posture for a dream body. This will tone the deep muscles that surround the spine. The right gesture? Every morning, when getting out of bed, sit on the floor, well placed on the sit bones (the front of the buttocks). Extend your legs and place your arms straight out in front of you. Shoot your stomach, then without moving your head or shoulders, push your glutes down, pressing into the ground; at the same time, pull the top of the head upwards. Imagine that you want to increase the space between each of your vertebrae. You stretch your spine early in the morning and maintain your posture.

Tonify Your Chest, Without Relaxation

If there is one part of the body that we tend to overlook, without really knowing how to work it, it’s the chest. However, with age, firmness is lost! So to keep a nice cleavage and have a dream body, you have to get to work. Did you also know that below the breasts are the pectorals, these muscles which, once toned, allow the chest to rise? Here is our tip for taking care of it: use Body Power, an effective fitness accessory that allows you to find a beautiful chest in one and the same exercise. Every day, in front of the mirror, exercise for at least 10 minutes, you will get quick results. This is how to keep breasts round and firm, with minimal effort!

Build Your Abdos At The Office

Your belly is going limp and you are trying to find a nice wafer of chocolate by all means? Know that all occasions are good to have a dream body and work your abs. Our good plan? Build your stomach at the office! Needless to say, you’ll have to pull out all the gear to get to work … Just your chair is enough to do this muscle building exercise. During lunch break, take a few minutes to practice. Sitting at your desk, make yourself comfortable in your armchair, your back straight, pressed against the backrest. Support yourself on the armrests, inhale deeply and then exhale while lifting both knees at the same time. Hold this position for 5 seconds and return to the starting position. Repeat the movement 10 times. You can also wear waist trainer uk for 8-10 hours a day. You’ll absolutely love it’s results.

Refine Your Legs In The Stairs

Returning from a busy working day, you are in the entrance hall of your building. There, you still hesitate between taking the elevator or going up the stairs … Faced with this great dilemma, come to your senses: take the stairs without complaining, it’s good for your health! Climbing the stairs is excellent for refining the calves, legs and buttocks. It is also a good exercise to maintain your physical condition and work your breath. For more efficiency, climb them on your tiptoes. And for those who do not have stairs at home, apply this trick outside or in the subway … Better yet, equip yourself with a mini stepper: a space-saving fitness accessory that allows you to work the lower body. The principle ? Standing on small steps, you sculpt and firm your figure, all without leaving your home.

Lose Hips

Do you remember the Hula Hoop, that big hoop you used to swing your hips with in the playground? Here is one who is back in the race! Today, people love it to regain an hourglass figure. So rediscover the pleasure of spinning it, it is an ultra effective exercise to slim the hips and tighten the stomach. To use it, nothing could be simpler: place the hoop around your waist, look in front of you, contract the abs and free your shoulders; then kick the kidneys from left to right or front to back, staying flexible on your legs; Don’t hesitate to change direction to work the muscles on the opposite side. By exercising a little every day, voila: you draw a dream body and you lose your waistline.