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5 Foods That Are The Best For Your Skin

5 Foods That Are The Best For Your Skin


The quality and condition of your skin will affect your appearance and how good you feel. Although lotions and topical creams are necessary to use consistently, the foods that we eat have a direct impact on our skin. When you want to enhance your appearance and look younger, there are a few foods that are best for your complexion.


1. Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds are effective at combating acne and preventing it from coming back. They contain high levels of vitamin E, which contains 37 percent of your daily needs. You'll notice that your skin becomes clear after eating the seeds for several weeks, which can reduce the risk of scars that form. Along with sunflower seeds, almonds and nuts are good for you too. If you want to combine a lot of nuts into one recipe, look up a delicious muesli bar recipe


2. Chocolate

Chocolate is effective at allowing the skin to glow and increase the elasticity, which can reduce the number of wrinkles and fine lines that form when aging. The food contains high levels of flavonols, which is an antioxidant that improves luminosity and will allow you to look younger. You can even try to apply it topically on the skin to reduce inflammation and puffiness that is present on the face due to the caffeine that it contains.


Although chocolate will benefit the skin, not all types are created equal. Purchase chocolate that contains at least 70 percent cocoa and is not high in sugar.


3. Fatty Fish

Different types of fatty fish promote healthy skin because it contains omega-3 fatty acids, which keep the skin supple and moisturized. It can also reduce the skin's ability to be sensitive to UV rays while spending time outside.


It's also easy to increase your intake of vitamin E by consuming fish every few days, which will reduce inflammation. Vitamin E is also useful in protecting the skin from harmful free radicals, which can improve your complexion over time. 


Some people can also consider taking fish oil supplements that can improve autoimmune conditions and fight inflammation. The supplements can help improve certain issues like psoriasis and lupus. Fatty fish also contains zinc, which is a mineral that can reduce inflammation in the skin and increase how quickly wounds heal. 


4. Watermelon

Watermelon is a sweet treat to enjoy during the summer season that will reduce inflammation and can prevent your eyes from looking puffy. It's useful in reducing water retention and will allow you to feel less bloated. Although watermelon contains sugar, it doesn't include glycation, which can compromise collagen that is present in the body. You can avoid harming the collagen levels and not worry about wrinkles that develop.


5. Green Tea

Instead of reaching for a soda or a sugary beverage, opt for drinking green tea throughout the day to improve the condition of your skin. The tea contains polyphenols, which is anti-inflammatory and can improve acne. The natural beverage is also useful in flushing out toxins and keeping the skin supple. 


Consider sipping on green tea at the end of the day or with your breakfast each morning to heal scars and blemishes that are present. Green tea bags are also useful in reducing inflammation under the eyes when they're applied to the skin for 15 minutes. You can also purchase skincare products that contain green tea, which will reduce the risk of damage to the tissues and cells from free radicals. The antioxidants that are present in the tea even work to bind the free radicals and deactivate them before they can begin to damage the skin.


The Main Takeaway


Improving your skin and allowing it to glow doesn't require expensive treatments or skin care products. You can begin making improvements by changing your diet and sticking to natural foods will improve your health and also allow you to feel confident in your skin.


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