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5 Interesting Facts About Johnnie Walker

Anyone who is a scotch lover has experienced the remarkable taste and the spectacular view of square bottles with tilted labels. Either celebrating an epic achievement or a heartfelt thanksgiving, there is always a Johnnie Walker for any occasion. If you’re looking for a gift, this Diageo-owned scotch whiskey ends your search. No one will ever turn down the Johnnie as a present. Johnnie Walker proves that not only the recipient but the giver and the gift is nothing but ordinary. 


Several people may wonder about what makes Johnnie the most iconic brand. The answer lies in the portfolio of scotches that range from affordable to super-premium. Moreover, the users know, whatever labels they select, it will always be quality-oriented. These intrinsic properties of Johnnie Walker make it the most admired brand among its customers. However, many other fascinating facts make Johnnie worth trying.


1. Johnnie Walker Is A Brand Leader

In the world of scotch, Johnnie Walker is the most prestigious brand ever. Its Black Label was famous as Sir Winston Churchill’s favorite whiskey that it’s painting still hangs in the Churchill house as a tribute. This whiskey’s futuristic-looking bottles are recognized with films like Blade Runner and the TV series Game of Thrones. This brand has also seen many celebrity actors, musicians, artists, and adventurers as its brand ambassadors. All these add to its sales volume, which has seen a rise of 20 percent from the year 2009 to 2019 reaching more than 18 million 9-liters cases globally.  


2. The Original Name And Renaming Of Johnnie Walker

This brand was originally established by a grocer named John walker. But its worldwide popularity largely depends on John’s son Alexander Walker and his grandsons. It was 1957, during the industrial revolution, railways started moving goods to ships that shipped them throughout the globe. Alexander saw it as a golden chance for business expansion and the first commercial brand – The Old Highland Whisky. In the early 1900, John’s grandsons and their Managing Director Stevenson expanded the whiskey business and renamed the famous Highland Whiskey to Johnnie Walker.  


3. The Facts Behind Label Colors

It was also in the 1900s when the company owners introduced the celebrated color names.  The labels of Johnnie Walker were so popular that people started recognizing them by their colors. They started calling Extra Special Highland the Black Label because of the slanting black-colored sticker glued to the bottles. It made Alexander II change the brand name officially in ‘09. Gradually, the Highland whiskies became Blue Label, Red Label, Double Black, Gold, Platinum, and so on as per the sticker colors. For the slanting sticker, it’s again a thoughtful approach of the owners to make the whiskey stand out among other competitive brands.   


4. The Priceless And The Rarest Johnnie Walker  

Walker’s Blue Label is a masterpiece. With an exquisite blend of Scotland’s exceptional whiskies, it is elusive in quality, flavor, and essence. It is one of the rarest and most expensive whiskies available throughout the world. The two most acclaimed products, following this heritage, are King George V and Masters’ Edition. The former is an amalgamation of smooth fruity flavors and a lingering smoky taste. This product comes with a hefty price of USD 4500, making it one of the costliest whiskies available. 


This whiskey is preceded by the Master’s Edition, which comes at a price tag of USD 25000. This 50-year-old scotch is the unique blend of six rare whiskies from different distilleries, aged 50 years, to make this exclusive liquor. 


5. The Logo Has Its Story

As the color of labels has become synonymous with Johnnie Walker, so is its logo of – A Striding Man. It was when Johnnie Walker received its current name, cartoonist Tom Browne drew this logo. Browne’s early advertisements involve happily striding-man fishing, shopping, and playing with the slogan – 1820 and Still Going Strong. After his death, Sir Bernard Partridge started the Glamor series with the striding man developing a taste for city life. The series evolved with different cartoonists like Leonard Ravel Hills with his Old Songs and Leo Cheney’s Patriotic and Travel advertisements. 


The striding man has been revamped many times since its inception, from a colorful version to photo-driven ads. The latest incarnation is a playful, charismatic, and elegant person with a change in appearance. With the new campaign – Keep Walking, the striding man even changed his direction, depicting his forward movement into the new millennium.



Unlike other drinks, the characteristics of Johnnie Walker make it distinct. The users love its aroma and specific smoky flavor profile. Serve a Johnnie straight-up, on the rocks, cocktails, or shots. All of them are equally enjoyable. The only reason behind this is each different blend of Johnnie Walker is aged for a specific time, making it worth trying. No doubt, Johnnie Walker is an experience. It is bold and classy, and whenever you open a bottle, you’ll never stop learning more about it.

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