5 Most Powerful Signs It’s Time to See a Spine Doctor

The spine is a crucial architectural structure of human being. Comprising of around 24 bones connected to ligaments and muscles for creating the spinal column, it provides the much needed form and function to body. Additionally, it holds and protects the spinal cord.

Spinal cord is a bundle of nerves responsible for that send signals to the rest of your body. Considering the vital role that this part of your body plays in everyday life, it’s no surprise that millions of individuals see a doctor each year for back pain. However, it isn’t possible to knock a doctor’s clinic each time the back aches or soreness is experienced.

Now the question is when is seeing a doctor the right choice?

Listed below are 5 major signs you should see a spine doctor for back pain:

The Pain doesn’t Go away or You Experience Shooting Pain (arms or legs)

Usually, back pain goes away with time by taking some over-the-counter medications and rest. However, if you are unable to get rid of it and the discomfort lasts for over two weeks, see a doctor. If the main continues to bother you for over two weeks and keeps you from performing day to day activities get an appointment. The back pain should not go down the arms or legs. If it does, it’s time to see a spine doctor for evaluation.

Numbness, Weakness, Tingling in Legs and Arms

You must keep tabs on the areas of body that tingle. Also check for points that feel weaker or go numb. Make sure you let your doctor know about it.

Night Aches

Does night-time pain bother you a lot? You should keep tabs on intensity of back pain. In case, the pain worsens at night, it may be a warning sign of something serious.

Fever Followed by Back Pain / Weight Loss

If you have fever that crosses 101 degrees. This can be a sign of an infection existing in the body. It is important that you allow your doctor know about the issue especially if it accompanies with fever. Also if experience sudden, rapid weight loss sans dieting or any other intentional efforts, visit a spine doctor.

Issues Related to Balance or Bowels/Bladder Control

Are you facing problems with controlling bladder/bowel movements? If yes, then it is important that you inform your doctor about the same. Let the doctor know about the issue you have been facing while controlling bladder or bowels. In case, you experience any kind of weakness or numbness in hips, let the doctor know about it also. This might serve as a crucial factor for diagnosing the back problem.

Most importantly, you need to know the difference between normal and abnormal back pain. Abnormal pain is when the normal everyday aches and sores get intense. This is also the time you should see a specialist. The health of spine begins with you. The initial step is to be as attentive to your health as possible. Anything out of ordinary should be immediately reported to doctor. Any kind of pain in the back should not stop you from enjoying your day to day life. It should also not deter you from undertaking various daily tasks.

End Note

In case, you experience any of the above-stated symptoms, simply give a call to a reputed spine doctor at any of the nearest spine institute. The doctor along with his multidisciplinary team can diagnose and treat a variety of spinal conditions. He will also help you to get you back on your feet at the fastest possible time.

Ferry Madden
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