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5 Steps to Choosing the Right Collar for your pet dog

Dog collars are a necessity for every dog owner. It lets people know that someone owns your dog, and the pet dog has the id, license, and rabies vaccination tags. It is also essential to attach the dog leash. A right dog collar helps train the pet dog to walk with a strap, to ward off fleas, and shields them from injury. Since they wear it all the time, it is helpful to choose a collar that suits their personality. There are so many varieties of dog collars available in the market to confuse you. So, here are five steps to choosing the right collar for your dog.

Step 1: Pick the collar type

There are various types of collar available in the market. It is crucial to choose the right kind of collar for your dog. Selecting the wrong collar can injure your petdog and can be harmful to them. There are five types of collars:

  • Buckle Collar

It is a classic collar that looks similar to the belt that you wear around your waist. It has a buckle and notch. It is a secure and long-lasting collar. Most hikers and swimmers prefer it.

  • Quick Release Collar

These are the simplest collars that are ideal for playful pups. They are easy to snap on and off. If your dog is always in the mood of wrestling or is going to a daycare, then a quick release collar is perfect because, in case of any emergency, any human being can remove it quickly. 

  • Breakaway Collar

A breakaway collar is for dogs who mostly play with other dogs or alone without any human supervision around. They are useful in a way that, in case they get stuck, it will pop off when pulled. It will avoid mishappenings like getting strangled.

  • Martingale Collar

This kind of collar tightens when a dog tries to pull. It looks like a double-loop and is excellent for training purposes. Unlike spike collars and chain collars, a Martingale collar will not choke the pet dog.

  • Harnesses

These are not collars but are tools that help you in controlling your dog. If you own a very active pet dog and you love taking them for a walk, then a harness is ideal for you. It won't strain your dog's neck, and it stays securely. Dogs should not wear this for the entire day as it can irritate their skin.

Step 2: Choose as per your dog's personality

While selecting a collar for your dog, you must choose one that suits the breed and style of your dog. The type of fur your pet dog has is also vital while deciding the dog collar, or else it can hurt them. For dog training purposes, many professional dog trainers use front-buckling harnesses as they are more manageable, and there are fewer chances of injury. When you walk with your dog with a front-buckling harness, they will walk beside you instead of leading from the front. So, if you have a dog like a pit bull or German shepherd, then a harness will give you an advantage if they suddenly jump around.

You can clip dog leashes on the harness without straining their neck. It goes around the dog's chest and forelegs. Pulling on the leash makes your pet dog move away from the distraction and instead face you. This method does not punish them in any way, yet teaches them discipline.

Step 3: Favor nylon collar material

Collars are available in various materials. The most generally used materials are leather, waterproof, chain, and nylon. Each material has its style and benefits. Of all the materials, you can choose nylon due to its affordability and style. Nylon collars are made of soft nylon mesh with a metal or plastic clasp. They are so comfortable and lightweight that dogs don't even realize that they are wearing one. They are available in a variety of colors, sizes, and patterns, and suitable for a small puppy as well as a big dog.  

Step 4: Measure the neck of your dog

It is a crucial point to consider before buying a dog collar. Most people randomly purchase a collar without even knowing whether it will fit the pet dog's neck or not. So, before setting out to buy a collar for your dog, measure its neck's circumference. Also, buy a size larger than their neck's size, as they will feel comfortable in it. Classic dog collars can hurt their trachea and can even cut the oxygen supply when worn too tight. Therefore you should not use this kind of dog collars on small breeds, overweight dogs, and older dogs. Dogs with problems in breathing can be easily spotted through specific symptoms like dry heaves and coughs when bearing a collar. Take your pet dog to a veterinarian immediately to avoid any mishappenings.

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Step 5: Budget

A good pet dog collar can be on the higher range. Understand that dogs grow at a fast pace. So, if you buy an expensive collar when they are young, it won't fit them when they grow old. It is a waste of money for you because you will have to replace it within a year. So, purchase a dog collar that is durable and also in your budget. 


The above are the five steps to choosing the right collar for your pet. If you are still confused on which one to buy based on their breed, you can ask your veterinarian to help you choose one.


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