5 Vaping/CBD Essentials You Need In Your Travel Kit

CBD is legal in the US, and you might assume that it is okay to travel with your CBD products. However, it might not be the case always because TSA (transport security administration) allows you to travel with CBD from the hemp plant and not a marijuana plant. Since some people at TSA might not be able to differentiate CBD from marijuana, there may be delays at the security checkpoint due to additional screening. 

Traveling with CBD 


It is crucial to comprehend that airports are subject to federal law, and in some instances, you cannot fly with cannabis even though flying from one state to the other. However, you can travel with CBD, as long as it does not contain more than 0.3% THC

CBD (cannabidiol) is a cannabis and hemp compound that may provide non-intoxicating, relaxing properties. CBD does not lead to a high feeling since it is not psychoactive. 

Research shows that CBD works by interacting with various receptors in your brain that regulate anxiety and fear. Thus, many individuals consume it to help with the management of anxiety. Also, because of its ability to fight terror and anxiety, it can be suitable for people who freak out on a plane. It helps anxious flyers as it may help calm them down, mainly in times of bad turbulence. Also, you can consume in the event of last-minute travel adjustments. 

Luckily, CBD is available in different forms, including CBD gummies and CBD oil, among others. However, for instant relief, vaping CBD is the best method. Hence, if you are keen on vaping and are traveling with your vape kit, there are some essentials that you must have in your travel kit. 

If you are traveling abroad, it is always prudent to research what the laws of the country stipulate about CBD. It helps you know what to carry and what you should not carry. Thus, it prevents you from landing into troubles in a foreign land. 

Here are five vaping CBD essential you need in your travel kit:

  1. CBD vape juice 

It is possible to bring with you vape juice when you travel. You can choose to keep CBD vape juice in the carry-on baggage or the checked baggage. Carry-on baggage is a bag that you can take into an airplane while the checked bag is a bag transported in the cargo area of a plane. 

You can keep the vape juice in a clear plastic bag. It is wise to take plastic bottles because glass bottles may break. 

  1. Batteries 

It is advisable to take your batteries in the carry-on baggage. Avoid throwing the batteries into the hand luggage, but you can choose to keep them is a carrying case or leave them in the vaping device. 

You might travel with AA, C, D, and AAA dry batteries in carry-on baggage. Take the batteries out of the pocket or bag once you go through security screening. Keep your batteries in a Ziploc bag since they may be safe in such a bag in case of unforeseen circumstances. Do not charge the vape pen or e-cigarette in the plane; wait until you arrive at the final terminus. Getting a top-quality vape pen like firefly 2 is advantageous in this case, as it gets you a huge battery life.   

  1. Vape mod boxes 


You can include atomizers and mods in your travel kit. Nonetheless, you can carry them in your carry-on bag and not in the checked baggage.

Because you can pack your vape device in a carry-on bag, ensure you keep it in a small, clear bag as this helps when the TSA people need to screen you. It is advisable to empty the tank since the air pressure might lead to leakage, which, in turn, makes a mess. 

There are various vape pens on the market. Many individuals are nowadays on social media, and vaping dispensaries are no exception. You can trust weedsmart to buy your vape device and other vaping items from such a reputable online store. 

  1. Vape battery charger 

You can carry your vape battery charger in a carry-on bag only. A vape battery charger is vital when traveling since it powers the lithium battery to allow you to vape when you want. You may keep the charger in a small, clear bag or fold it nicely.  

  1. Vape cases 

Vape case helps you carry your vape device and its accessories. Depending on what you carry, choose the vape case with the pockets that fit the items, maybe four, five, or three pockets. It secures the vape device from getting wet or lost and also helps prevent scratching. 

Crucial things to keep in mind:

  • Avoid vaping in the plane – since you have your vaping essentials, it might be tempting to vape, but do not vape. 
  • Be ready for TSA screening – store your vape box mods and other items for easy screening. 
  • Avoid charging the vape device in the plane, as this may lead to fire hazards.
  • Research the laws of the country or states you are visiting to be on the right side of the law. 


Every person wants a hassle-free and safe travel experience. Therefore, to achieve that, make sure you are conversant with the TSA regulations. Also, ensure to pack your vape essentials properly. You can achieve this by separating your vape device; keep vape juice, batteries, and charger separately.



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