Kidney stones treatment

6 Best Options To Safeguard Yourself From Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are the situation when hard mineral deposits are stuck inside the kidneys. Kidney stones cause excruciating pain when these deposits pass through the urinary tract. The conditions in which a kidney stone occurs is in the blur right now, however, people with a family history with kidney stones are at high risk.

While there are no concrete preventive measures to avoid the condition, a combination of a healthy diet and a profound change in lifestyle may bring down the risk of developing kidney stones in a person. Kidney stones treatment is required in case of kidney stones.

Here are some preventive measures that one can take to safeguard themselves from kidney stones –

Stay Hydrated

Apart from being the number one way to stay healthy, being hydrated is also the best way to avoid the situation of kidney stones. If you deprive your body of enough water content then your urination would be less frequent and more concentrated with urine salts which are the prime cause of kidney stones. Regular intake of lemonade and orange juice will increase citrate will prevent stones from happening.

Increase The Intake Of Calcium-Rich Food

Generally, kidney stones are calcium oxalate which has sparked a common misconception that eating food rich in calcium results in kidney stones. However, it is just a myth, as low calcium intake, increases the risk of kidney stones.

Lower Your Sodium Intake

High sodium intake increases the content of salt in urine which keeps the calcium from dissolving into the urine, hence, it promotes the creation of stones in the kidney. One should avoid eating too much salt along with keeping a check on processed foods, canned soups and other food with sodium nitrate.

Reduce Oxalate-Rich Foods

Oxalate is another compound which is formed in the urine. It tends to bind with the existing calcium content in the urine to form kidney stones. If one is prone to stones in the kidney or have any history with the same then he should avoid too much consumption of foods like spinach, chocolate, coffee, sweet potatoes etc.

Too Much Animal Protein

It’s often advised by doctors to avoid eating food that is too acidic. Animal protein happens to be food with large quantities of acidic proteins. This increases the uric acid which may cause calcium oxalate kidney stones.

Vitamin C Supplements

A study in 2013 shows that men who consumed high doses of Vitamin C supplements increased their chances of developing kidney stones by double margins. While vitamin C from food does not carry the same effects, its external supplements that facilitate the position.

There are many aspects with which Kidney stone can be avoided, however, they are not a complete Kidney Stones Treatment and are just precautionary measures that work in the longer run. Being healthy and balancing your diet seems like the most probable solution to not develop kidney stones.