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6 Health Benefits of Planting Plants

People who take up gardening do so because they want a hobby that will help them unwind. However, improved mental health is not the only health benefit of planting plants (as plain as it may sound), as there are at least 6 upsides to gardening you never thought about before.

Improving the quality of sleep

Back in the day when the majority of the world population lived in the countryside, few people had trouble falling asleep at night. Our ancestors were exhausted from working in the fields all day; something considered a luxury in the modern world where everything is available at the push of a button.

Gardening is foremost a physical activity, meaning it tires us out after a while, regardless of how leisurely we worked. From digging holes to weeding the garden by hand, gardening is an excellent form of exercise, even better than hitting the gym.

Reducing stress

Apart from being tired, another reason why you are able to fall asleep as soon as your head touches the pillow is reduced stress. Gardening is ideal for reducing stress, so it is no wonder there are even therapeutic gardens used for horticultural therapy.

The secret to stress-free gardening is that you are surrounded by nature that calms you down and the space of the garden shields you from the hectic, outside world. Add fresh air and the aforementioned physical activity to the equation and you get a powerful therapeutic tool.

Apart from stress, planting plants for just 30 minutes a day had the power to reduce anxiety as well. When left untreated, anxiety can progress into depression and cause various physical conditions, from eating and sleeping disorders to elevated blood pressure (hypertension).

The calming sound of water

Gardening is tightly connected with landscaping. You want to turn your backyard into an oasis of serenity for you and your friends to enjoy. A water fixture is an ideal addition to any garden space, as you already have a retractable hose reel attached to the façade of the house.

From a bird fountain to a fish pond complete with a bridge, the sound of running water is bound to calm your nerves down and help you live healthier and longer. The water feature should blend in with the garden, so add sand patches and plant roses along the pond or the streamlet for the ultimate aesthetic appeal.

Staying sharp-minded

Gardening is a hobby suite for people of all ages but seniors tend to gain the most from nurturing plants. This is because their age is plagued by various mental illnesses that cause memory loss, such as the notorious Alzheimer’s.

Gardening, for its parts, keeps the mind sharp. There are watering schedules, choosing which bulbs to plant, cutting the grass no more than a third of the blades’ length, etc., which are all tasks that stimulate the neurons inside your brain. As a result, gardeners rarely experience mental fatigue.

Adopting a healthy diet

Have you been planning for years to switch to a healthy diet consisting mainly of organic food? If you start a vegetable garden, this dream of yours will become a reality because you will be producing your own, pesticide-free food.

Growing organic tomatoes, potatoes, lettuce, carrots, etc., are all healthier food choices than your current eating habits. Once you nurture a plant from the time it was a tiny seed until it started producing fruits, you cannot but consume that fresh food.

In fact, you might start selling the surplus at the farmer’s market, turning your organic garden into a money-making machine. A bundle of dollars is enough to make anyone smile!

A great place for bonding with your kids

If your parents in a high-rise, then the kids won’t be super-thrilled to visit them but if their grandparents reside in a house with a beautiful backyard, then they rush to jump in the backseat of a car.

Owning a verdant garden comes with a sense of pride and a feeling of freedom. Children sense this, so a luscious garden is ideal for bonding with small kids.

If you manage to get the young ones interested in gardening, they will learn important life lessons by planting trees and vegetables on their own and nurturing them to maturity.

From children’s smiles to a stress-free life, there is hardly a health benefit that doesn’t come with gardening. Once you get the right tools and start gardening, you will feel rejuvenated in the company of plants.




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