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6 Ways To Boost The Effects of Kratom



A potentiator is a substance that boosts the effects of another product you are taking. It can be a herb or a chemical, or even a drug. The goal is to increase the absorption and effectiveness of the base item. 


Kratom is a potent herb on its own, but what would happen if you chose to potentiate it? You will boost its power even further, although the exact strength will depend on the potentiator that you use. Here are five amazing ways you can potentiate kratom, improve its potency, and ensure the effects last even longer!


  • Magnesium


Scientists have no doubt that magnesium is beneficial for the human body. Experts claim that it plays a role in numerous biochemical reactions in our bodies. Some of them include regulating the nervous system and muscle movement, as well as participating in energy creation.


An important benefit of kratom is boosting energy levels, and that is where it crosses paths with magnesium. Since this mineral participates in energy creation, it acts as a potentiator for the effectiveness of kratom. Magnesium takes part in numerous processes in the human body, which means that it can help to maximize kratom’s potential. 


You will find reports indicating that magnesium can also help to prevent any kratom tolerance you might develop over time. Magnesium has an antagonistic effect on tolerance-building receptors. This enables users to maintain the same benefits and experience over and over again. 


  • Coffee


Kratom belongs to the family of coffee plants. It is one of the reasons why it shares some similar benefits to caffeine. Both of these compounds are capable of boosting your energy and improving your focus, which can help you to keep going when you feel down or sleepy.


What would happen if you combined the two? It would be a secret recipe for extreme energizing that you should use only when you really need it. You have kratom, which can boost your energy levels and get you motivated to deal with any task. On the other hand, you have coffee that can help you to deal with feeling sluggish in the morning and get you ready for the day. At the same time, caffeine boosts your concentration and alertness.

If you have been using coffee for a long time, you might have increased tolerance to it. However, combining it with kratom and using it to potentiate the effects of this herb is a surefire way to get the energy fix you need. 


  • Grapefruit Juice



It is important to purchase high-quality red bali kratom to ensure you receive maximum benefits from each dose of the herb. However, this specific taste of powder might be hard to get used to at first. That is why you should consider grapefruit juice. It doesn’t only act as a potentiator, but it also improves the taste of kratom.


The secret of grapefruit juice lies in its acidity. It accelerates the absorption of kratom, which allows you to experience the maximum effects of the herb more quickly. It is not only about rapid absorption, but also its completeness. Grapefruit juice improves the bioavailability of kratom, which is why you should consider combining these two compounds.


Don’t forget that grapefruit juice also has antioxidant properties and supports your immune system. That means it can also help with battling inflammations and protecting your cells from oxidative damage, which promotes optimal health.


  • Turmeric


You will often find people mentioning turmeric as a superfood. That is because it has a long list of benefits for human health and well-being. This herb has significant anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. That is primarily because of curcumin, which is the main curcuminoid in turmeric.  


Apart from supporting the immune system, it can also assist in managing symptoms of joint pain related to arthritis. Kratom also focuses on providing pain relief, which makes these two compounds a match made in heaven. 


  • Kratom Tea and Lemon Juice



If you talk with experienced kratom users, they will probably have mixed opinions about using kratom tea. Some believe this waters down the benefits, while others think it is the best way to ensure long-lasting effects.


Are you a fan of kratom tea? If that is the case, we have a secret that will improve its effectiveness. Believe it or not, that secret is using lemon juice!


Thanks to its properties, lemon will maximize the release of alkaloids, enhancing the effectiveness of the tea, as well as improving its taste and smell. A real treat in the morning!


  • Empty Stomach


Who says that you have to consume kratom with another substance to optimize its benefits? Perhaps it is enough to avoid all other substances, and that means all foods and drinks. If you choose to consume kratom on an empty stomach, it will give the herb room to hit you with more power.


The reason behind this is simple. If you ingest other products with kratom, those compounds will battle with the herb for absorption. But if you consume the herb on its own, it means your body will focus only on absorbing it.


You might be used to eating breakfast as soon as you get up in the morning, but how about consuming kratom first? You will experience the benefits of the plant quickly, which will make it easy to postpone breakfasts for an hour or two.


However, it is not possible to always consume kratom on an empty stomach. That being said, it is equally important to try to avoid consuming the herb after lunch or a big meal.  You’d be best to leave it at least an hour or two between consuming kratom and eating. 


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