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7 Benefits Of Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds


You have probably heard of other types of marijuana seeds such as Sativa, but there are many different varieties, and auto-flowering cannabis is one of them.

What is Auto-flowering Cannabis? It is a type of marijuana that grows and flowers independently of the photoperiod or light schedule. Unlike other marijuana strains that flower depending on hours subjected to light, this one flower depending on age. Due to this, auto-flowering cannabis is useful as an outdoor crop because one can harvest it within a short time (less than ten weeks). It is also resilient and easy to manage; this makes it attractive to beginners. However, auto-flowering seeds have low THC content. But if you want a variety with high THC, then you can consider types like the nuken strain and follow the conventional method of growing cannabis. 

What are the Benefits of Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds?


  • You Harvest Sooner


They have a shorter life span compared to other strains because they move from vegetative to flowering stage. Different strains of weed that depend on light take up to 4 months to attain maturity. However, auto-flowering seeds mature within 8-10 weeks from germination. Therefore, a farmer does not have to wait long to enjoy these unique buds. If you want to enjoy the benefits or get money back quickly, you should grow this variety due to its short harvest time. 


  • Offers more Harvest per Season


Since you harvest within a short time, you can grow it several times and get more harvest within a single season. With other marijuana strains, you can only get one harvest in a season, but with these seeds, you will enjoy at least two yields in each season. You should purchase this variety if you reside in areas with short and cold summers because the plant will be ready by mid-July instead of later October.


  • Compact and Small



Due to their genetics of the seeds, the plant will remain smaller. Some farmers refer to them as ‘dwarf marijuana plants.' Due to this small structure, they are suitable for growing in small gardens and balconies. Other weed strains are famous for their slender leaves and vast heights and can become huge bushes with time. It is a recommended variety for growers who want to make the best out of their growing space or those who lack a large outdoor area. Their fast growth and small size make them the best for growth in smaller indoor and outdoor places. Therefore, you can experiment with this variety in your backyard garden and enjoy the benefits within a short time. 


  • Do not Require a Change in Photoperiod


A significant benefit of autoflower seeds is that they do not need a change in the light cycle to initiate flowering. They will flower automatically without depending on the light cycle that they receive. For example, farmers can keep them at 8 hours of darkness and 16 hours of light from the vegetative to the flowering stage. They can tolerate all forms of light durations and can grow in the city, in a room or a garden, among others. It is worth noting that this is very different from other seeds that require changes in the light cycle to trigger flowering. You can grow these seeds outdoors and get several harvests in every season. One does not need to worry when they plant the seeds late in the season because they can still harvest on time.


  • Resistant to Diseases and Harsh Weather


Auto-flowering seeds are famous for withstanding the cold climate and remaining resilient to all types of diseases that affect marijuana plants. They can tolerate pests, mildew, pathogens, and fungi. If your region is prone to such pests and diseases, you should try these seeds next time. By being resistant, a farmer will harvest quality products, disease-free seeds, and high yields. The genetics in these seeds makes them hardy and tough to different climatic conditions. Similarly, they survive even with little nutrients. So, one can easily grow it in the comfort of their home. All they have to do is order indoor auto flower seeds from reputed online Cannabis Store


  • Suitable for Stealth Growing


Most outdoor gardeners want to secure their crops from thieves, curious neighbors, and the police. If you have another variety of marijuana that grows up to 2m, it would be impossible to hide from prying eyes. However, stealth growing auto-flowering plants can fit well in the balcony and terrace. They offer the benefit of discretion and this is important for a sensitive and controversial crop like marijuana. Go for automatic Indica marijuana seeds if you are looking for a stimulating effect with a couch look aspect that can tie you down to your chair. If stealth growing your cannabis plant is something that interests you, then using top quality seeds for your plant is something that you must consider. Check out the eaze coupon code for top discounts on auto-flowering cannabis seeds and other products.



  • Easy to Grow, Less hassle


Based on all the above benefits of auto-flowering seeds, it is clear that they require no hustle to grow. Even a beginner can handle these seeds. You do not have to keep adjusting the light schedule, increase temperature, or spend a lot of fertilizers and fungicides. Since they originate from ruderalis, they survive harsh environmental conditions. You will not face a lot of challenges when growing them, and you get your yields in two months. This is one of the best variety of seeds to practice with if you want to enjoy weed farming. Nobody wants a crop that is hard to maintain.


Auto-flowering seeds are one of the best choices to grow. They thrive both indoor and outdoor and offer discretion due to their stealth growth. According to the findings from the above discussion, the seeds are resistant to pests, diseases, and harsh weather. Besides, they produce high-quality weed, and one can get more harvest compared to other varieties because they mature within a short time. Therefore, you can gain more quality buds and replant them the same season with this strain. All these benefits of auto-flowering seeds have made them popular among both beginners and experienced marijuana farmers. Once you are an expert in handling auto-flowering seeds, you can try growing other kinds of seeds as well, be it Feminized or Photoperiod seeds. And who knows one day you might have your harvest of potent and flavorsome black diamond strain.


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