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grow marijuana at home

7 easy steps to grow marijuana at home

 Marijuana has managed to make its place among the trendiest products worldwide. From being a fun ingredient to experiment with, to an extremely capable constituent in various medicinal treatments, marijuana marks its presence in all. The versatility of cannabis is creating a buzz in the current market, and this very reason is making the audience to seek interest in purchasing it to satisfy several such purposes. As much as the growth of marijuana is rising, people are preferably opting to grow it on their own. In case you are among the people who prefer homegrown greens over the purchased ones, then, fortunately, cannabis too can be grown in your backyard!


Growing cannabis at home is as fun as its usage, though it also gets a little complicated, similar to the whole process of enjoying it. There is nothing that a bit of instruction can't handle right? So, once you get the essentials of growing marijuana, nothing can stop you from enjoying your freshly grown harvest. A plant that exhibits more versatility than others is sure to demand a little more care than the others. Keeping this in mind, we have compiled seven easy steps for you to grow marijuana at home. Now, that you wish to sow your fresh batch of marijuana, remember to follow these steps. They will help you to take care of your marijuana yield in a better manner.

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  • Selection of cannabis seeds: The first step of growing marijuana is to determine the type of marijuana strains like Moby Dick Strain, indica, sativa that you wish to acquire from your homegrown cannabis plant. It is simple to get cannabis seeds from online portals that offer you ample choices to buy your favorite seeds easily. Whether you buy marijuana seeds online or choose a hybrid which satisfies your need, many more such options are available at your ease. Acknowledge your taste and demands from the plant beforehand and then make a selection for the seeds. You must also consider several aspects such as the hardness and color of the seeds. If the seeds have a hard shell and are dark in color, then go for those as such seeds are healthy and would reap the finest of yields for you.




  • The growing area: The most prominent concern a home grower has to face while harvesting marijuana at home is to decide which place is the best for harvesting. Several factors affect the plantation, the area being a significant one. If your state allows you to grow marijuana, and you would like to flaunt your luscious marijuana strains without restraining, then outdoors will work exceptionally well for you. On the other hand, if you wish to harvest a small batch of cannabis while keeping your harvest away from people, then indoors can be the perfect place for you.  




  • The growing medium:  As much as the plant is versatile in its usage and benefits, it also exhibits its versatility in its growing medium. Traditionally, the usage of soil was the only method to plant seeds and saplings, but now, cannabis allows you more than that. You can use a different medium than soil to cultivate marijuana. Natural medium such as rock wool, coco coir, and perlite are a few options that you can use to cultivate marijuana. Techniques such as hydroponics, offer deep water culture to grow cannabis which uses only water to fulfill the nutritional needs of the plants for their growth.



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  • Understanding the nutritional need: The nutritional requirement of a marijuana plant is more than your regular greens. The nourishment present in the soil is not enough to sustain the plant, which is why it requires an additional nutrition supply from time to time. Minerals such as nitrogen, phosphorus, calcium, zinc, magnesium, sulfur, potassium, and many more are essential for the healthy growth of the plant. Adequate nutrients offer healthy growth and luscious buds to your cannabis yield. All you have to do is make concoctions of these minerals periodically and provide them to your cannabis plants. For procuring indoor marijuana seeds, we recommend you buy marijuana seeds online at affordable quality. 




  • Providing appropriate lighting conditions: Appropriate lighting conditions are crucial for the growth of cannabis. Growing cannabis gets extremely complicated once you decide to grow it inside your house. There are precise time periods that your cannabis yield requires to grow. It comprises of specific dark and light periods to stimulate healthy growth. A plant needs more than 12 hours of light to grow well, while it is also advisable to provide it with at least 8 hours of direct sunlight. Use artificial lights inside the house to fulfill the lighting requirement of the harvest.





  • Maintaining stable air, temperature, and pH: The cannabis plants are known to be extremely sturdy even in the severest of climates, though too much ignorance can ultimately harm it. You must keep an eye on the air, temperature and pH changes around your plant. A cannabis plant needs fresh air and a moderate temperature to grow properly. While the outdoors offer it thoroughly, the indoors may fail to satisfy it. The best way you can tackle this concern is by using indoor fans or heat lights to stabilize both air and temperature. On the other hand, the pH level of 6.5 is extremely suitable for the healthy growth of cannabis. You can regulate it by making the water supply acidic or alkaline as per the readings. Do not over or underwater your plants, water it only when you find the topsoil dry.




  • Ready for harvesting: As soon as you start spotting changes such as a change in the color of pistils, from white to deep orange or red and thickening of the buds, your harvest is ready to cut. Trim them carefully and then leave them to dry for up to 2 weeks. Your buds will be ready to use after that. Seal them in an air-free bag or jar and store them away from light, preferably in a dark place. The method will help you to keep your buds fresh for a long time.



You are all set now to grow your own batch of marijuana at home, so make sure you reap the best out of it by following all these steps!

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