7 travel beauty tips recommended by experts

Traveling is mostly associated with pleasant happenings that leave you with happy memories with its closure. But there is no denying the fact that as much as going places is fun, the actual act of commuting, especially to distant locations, is equally stressful. Long flight hours, or extended waiting times, etc. can take a toll on your mood. This discomfort, consequently, reflects on the appearance as well. The tiring schedule often robs you of the charm of your personality, and you can not help looking tuckered out.

But the good news is, our beauty experts have dedicatedly worked to make sure that this aspect of traveling does not steal away your moments of enjoyment anymore. Instead, zealous efforts were involved so that you can have a gala time, without needing to make any compromises, even during your travel time.

To know more, please read on.

  1. Moisturize

Keeping your body hydrated is as important while you are on the go, as it is while you are unwinding on your couch. This is the first rule of making your skin look healthy and happy. Especially on the flights, the air is humid, and the cabin pressure tends to cause dehydration. 

Therefore, you must keep your skin hydrated at all times for that healthy glow. Of course, drinking plenty of water is the standard way of doing that, but you can also try and lock in the moisture with the help of a soothing cream.

Therefore, an intense moisturizing scheme, backed up with a great sunscreen, should be your only makeup routine before boarding a flight. Try perfecting this look with a bright Lipper, and you are travel-ready. While going out in the sun its recommended one buy a Tanning Lotion at discount :Lewies Tanning to protect their skin from scorching sun rays. 

  1. Eyecare

Beware that a long flight or lack of sleep can wreak havoc on your eyes, and they may turn puffy, bringing down all your efforts to look fresh. Therefore, you must treat them well and rest as much as you can. 

If that still does not help, try grabbing some crushed ice in a washcloth and putting it under your eyes. This will instantly reduce the puffiness and make you look fresher.

  1. Something for luscious Lips


While we are done with making our skin and eyes looking great, we move on to the lips. I bet you would agree with me that chapped lips are a big no-no when you have plans to travel. Thus, one must ensure carrying a medicated lip balm that does not mess up with your lipstick, instead keeps your lips hydrated, be it in any weather condition.


  1. Tips for Tresses

One who has great hair knows nothing about the struggles of those who do not! All my life, I have come across numerous women who could kill to have super soft and shiny curls that are easy to tame and rarely give you a bad hair day. 

Well, for those who ran a little out of luck in this aspect, do not worry, you have got us! 

It is advised that while traveling, you must carry a dry shampoo, or better, a travel-sized baby powder in your carry-on, to steer clear from greasy hair that can ruin your fashion game. You can also help from the blow dryers in your hotel room and give your hair a fresh look within minutes. 

If that does not solve your purpose, throw in a chic hat or a uber-cool scarf that could cover up for the significant part of the fuss while also keeping it stylish.


  1. Home Skin Care Remedies are essential

Of course, everyone wants to look his or her best when a trip is in the cards and many a time they start preparing in advance too. 

Though there is nothing wrong with that, it is suggested that you must look after your skin as a daily habit and not for occasions only. Follow the CTM routine every morning and evening, and do not forget to apply body oil each night to moisturize each part of your body. Try and be regular with your facials and exfoliation sessions as these can help tighten your skin and cleanse it thoroughly. You can also try some wonderful DIY facemasks recipes and remedies that are inexpensive but pretty effective.

This ensures that skin becomes healthy from within, leaving you with only nitty-gritty to take care of while you are all set to jet off.

Apart from these, investing in proper sleep every day is pivotal, as this is the only time for your skin to repair and replenish itself. Along with this, remember always to eat right and exercise regularly for better results.

  1. Men need it too

For those who believe that beauty tips are meant only for women, it’s time to get their myths busted. Though shorter and simpler, men also need to follow some skincare tips to look their best while the vacay mode is on. 

Therefore, a haircut is advised at least a week before you embark on your journey. This settles the look for the D-day. Additionally, deep cleanse and moisturize your facial skin regularly, go for a balanced diet, drink lots of water, and exercise for at least five days a week.

  1. Taking care of tit-bits

While the primary beauty pros have been discussed, it's now the time to pay heed to some of the essentials that often get ignored along the way. No matter how trivial they may seem, these fundamentals can help a great deal when it comes to raising your style quotient.

To begin with, always remember to keep your hands off your face. According to a study by the professor of dermatology at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, Erin Welch, MD, puts it, people tend to pick up loads of bacteria during their transit. In such cases, it serves as a caution to not touch your face too often to protect it from breakouts and other skin problems.

Another suggestion is to carry clean blotting tissues to blot the excess oil from your face, without losing out on the moisture. This will indeed give you a cleaner and fresher look when you arrive at your destination.

Furthermore, carry a gentle mist to spritz your face often while on the go. This gives a ‘just done’ look to your makeup, saving you the need for touch-ups anymore.

Likewise, do not forget to carry some of your indispensable beauty products like your favorite acne treatment with panoxyl with you since you can't always rely on the quality of the things you get in the hotels, and it is way better to be safe than sorry.

Final words

Vacation is a time where everybody seeks unlimited fun and enjoyment. And when you can capture these moments into smashing pics, it turns out to be the icing on the cake. Thus, chalk out a regime that proves to be the best according to your skin type and follow it religiously. You will be amazed to witness the miracles it does to your appearance. You can also learn how to build a health website and start putting down you knowledge over there.

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