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I am a freelance writer and rock-blues fan. Home improvement is my passion, so I am trying to acquire a new skill every day. I love to share my knowledge and learn from others. Every month, my key goal is to improve other people's lives. If I help at least one person a month, I feel fulfilled.

How to Develop Healthy Habits When You Quit Smoking

When you successfully quit smoking, you'll notice that there's an emptiness in your routine. What ones used to be the time for the cigarette break is now an unoccupied time to think about your craving. Cravings can make your days harder physically and mentally. Instead of searching for triggers and...

Home Décor Ideas to Improve Your Mental Health

Just like you are taking care of your physical health, caring for your mental health is very important. Many aspects can affect mental health, positively and negatively. An important part of your wellbeing is your living space and how it looks and feels. Your home is a place where you...

How to Help Your Sick Loved One Feel Better

Whenever we hear that bad things are happening to someone we love, we feel helpless and desperate. But being there for that person can mean a world to them. When someone is suffering from an illness, they may feel like their whole life has just turned upside down. It's up...