Sarah Williams

Sarah Williams

Sarah is a copywriter who lives in London. She is passionate about the online universe, and in her free time she enjoys reading Murakami, playing basketball and travelling as much as she can

Top 9 natural supplements that help boost energy

Eating a high nutrition diet, working out daily and getting a peaceful sleep are the best ways to maintain your natural energy levels. But in today's busy and fast forward life it is difficult to maintain these things. This makes it difficult for your body to maintain the required energy...

Communicating Legionella risk to those who need to know

For many years, water safety laws and regulations have focused primarily on public water supplies, and on those contaminants that can make the water unsafe to drink — for instance, fecal bacteria like coliforms and E. coli. However, because Legionnaires' disease is actually transmitted by inhalation of bacteria rather than...
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