Ferry Madden

Ferry Madden

Anyone can have a healthier body and a happier mind when armed with the right education, resources, and knowledge. I believe that staying fit does more than just maintain physical health, it also helps a person boost his or her self-esteem and outlook. Find plenty of information shared on losing weight, building muscle, eating healthy, and living a happy, healthy life.
Circadian Rhythm

All About Your Circadian Rhythms

All About Your Circadian Rhythms   When most people talk about internal clocks and things of that nature, they’re usually referencing their desire for attaining milestones in life like childbirth, or some other type of item that help them achieve levels of respect from others. In nature however, there actually...
kundalini yoga

Relax and Recharge With Kundalini Yoga

What is Kundalini Yoga In the last few years, yoga as a form of exercise has risen in popularity. In urban areas like New York and Los Angeles, there is practically a yoga studio on every block. People who practice yoga are called Yogi’s and it has created a subculture...

A Detailed Exploration into the Expertise of Periodontists

Everyone wants an attractive smile, but two factors contribute to this, whiter set of teeth and healthy gum tissues. The first element of teeth is handled by a general practitioner skilled in identifying & alleviating damages, and the second consideration of healthy gums demands periodontists involvement. They are professionals capable...
alkaline foods

Small guide to Alkaline Foods

Alkaline Foods   In the search for health, more and more people are turning their focus to dietary modification to help themselves to achieve new and positive health milestones. While the effectiveness of some diet changes can vary from person to person, it’s very clear that there are a wide...
sleep quality

7 Reasons To Take The Quality of Your Sleep Seriously

7 Reasons To Take The Quality of Your Sleep Seriously We don’t yet fully understand everything about sleep patterns, but we do know that it is essential for good health to get enough of it on a regular basis. Experiments and research have shown that rapid eye movement, which is...
carb cycling

What is Carb Cycling?

What is Carb Cycling? The world of fitness has what seems to be a never-ending list of ways to get in shape. There are hundreds of workout routines, and diets that are all attempting to become the dominant force through large scale marketing and advertising strategies, but is there a...

Is Prolonged Stress Endangering Your Health?

Is Prolonged Stress Endangering Your Health?   Living with a certain amount of stress in our lives is unavoidable. But it is imperative for us to realize that prolonged stress will almost certainly damage our mental or physical health in the long run.   The first step in combatting stress...
stress management

Why You Shouldn’t Give Up Carbs When You’re Stressed

Why You Shouldn’t Give Up Carbs When You’re Stressed If you’ve been stress eating junk food lately and are thinking of going on a diet to lose the excess pounds you’re now carrying, you might be thinking about giving up carbs.  Some diets encourage you to cut out carbohydrate-laden foods...
turmeric diet

5 Ways to Work Stress-Busting Turmeric Into Your Diet

Although stress is element today’s contemporary society, that doesn’t recommend we should certainly merely accept it. Stress wreaked havoc with our minds as well as additionally our bodies, so it is important that we take every activity viable to protect ourselves from the incurable problems that can occur. It’s validated...
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