Back Pain Remedies To Help Relieve An Achy Back

Back pains have different causes. Some are due to poor posture, others due to injuries. It can affect your daily activities, and even prevent you from having a good night’s sleep. Thankfully, you can address your back issues using many ways – one of them being Physiotherapy Perth.

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What Is Physiotherapy Perth?

Physiotherapy does not only aim to help people who suffered from injuries in restoring, maintaining and maximising their function, movement and strength. The best physio Perth can help you in alleviating your back problems alongside other conditions.

Why Physiotherapy Perth?

Perth Physiotherapy Fitness can help relieve pain and stiffness in your back. By taking fitness classes Perth physiotherapy, a competent physiotherapist can help assess your back problem, formulate the best plan of action and help improve your overall well-being.

Physiotherapists are professionals who are skilled in manual therapy and can assess your pain, helping you manage it and prevent it in the future. Thankfully, there are lots of reputable Perth physiotherapy and wellness center to help you with your back problems. When choosing a centre, make sure to do your research and check for good physiotherapy perth reviews.

Back Pain Remedies Aside From Physiotherapy Perth

There are other ways on how you can relieve your back pain. Here are some of the back pain remedies you can try aside from Physiotherapy.

Don’t slouch

Poor posture is the number one reason why many of us experience back pain. When you sit for long periods, the tendency is to slouch, making your back pain worse than it already is. This is especially true for students, people who work long hours on their computers, and those who play mobile and video games for an extended period.

Sit upright and let your chair support your back. If you can, use a small pillow and place it on your lower back. Mind your posture when walking.

Sleep on your side

It is extremely difficult to have a good night’s rest when you’re dealing with back pain. Having a poor sleep position will make your pain feel worse.

Use a pillow between your knees when sleeping on your side. If you can’t rest on your side, you can always lay on your back and make sure to slide a pillow under your knees. Refrain from stomach sleeping as this puts under stress on the back. Where you sleep can also affect your back pain, so opt for a firm mattress instead.


Having back pain is not an excuse not to get up and move. Usually, doctors will advise patients not to rest an achy back for more than three days. Start doing mild exercises like walking, swimming, and yoga.

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Use Heating Pads Or Cold Packs

Some prefer the heat over ice when relieving back pains. Doctors recommended using a heating pad for the first 48 hours if there is back pain and swelling after an injury. However, it will all depend on whether you prefer heat or ice. Check which works best in helping alleviate pain. Just make sure to protect your skin in the process.

Try Talk Therapy

Studies show that mindfulness can help in relieving chronic pain – back pain included. Some doctors even claim that your emotional state can affect your perception of pain. With talk therapy, you can alleviate anxiety, lower your stress levels and improve your back pain.

If the pain in your back is due to injuries, make sure to see your doctor. They can recommend the best ways to alleviate pain, and can prescribe drugs if needed.