Benefits of Coffee

Benefits of Coffee – How Science Proves Them

Benefits of Coffee

You may drink coffee because you like it, but there are people who never thought why it feels good after every sip of a coffee. A lot of people don’t know the benefits that keep us healthy by taking coffee regularly.

Sometimes people say “we are addicted to coffee” but the most important thing is to know how? Here you will get to know about health benefits and how science backs drinking coffee.

You might own a coffee maker and also know in detail about what coffee beans are the beans and which do you like the most. But you may not have heard of the benefits you will see here today.

Improvement in Energy

Why everyone feels energetic after drinking a coffee and remove the muscles ache after a heavy load of work. The reason behind to increase the energy is tiny particles in the coffee beans called Caffeine and these are the stimulants that increase the energy level in your body.


Everything is control by brain and it’s the brain that generates neurotransmitter that gives the feel to loosen the muscular activity and when caffeine reaches the brain it blocks the neurotransmitter in the brain and stop the muscular aching.


Burns Fats and gives Smartness

When obese people start drinking coffee, they would feel the change in their metabolic activates while burning the fats and it’s proven by studies related to coffee. Most of the product that burn fats have caffeine in them and that the reason for burning fats in coffee.


Obese people fats are burned with caffeine in the coffee up to 12% while in smart people the ratio of burning fats are a lot higher which is proven to be 25%. While drinking coffee for too long it may not affect in burning fats like earlier because the body metabolic activities may be addicted and settled down with caffeine. If you want to burn fats, take coffee wisely and don’t get addicted to it.


Improves Brain functionality

Have you ever noticed, why does you think better and perform well after drinking a coffee like it had open the door ways to new knowledge? The answer is quite simple and our brain can take a specific load of work over it and behind that it needs to rest and decrease the functionality.


The caffeine in the coffee stimulates that functionality by increasing the harmonic activity like memory retention or recalling, mood inhibitors, vigilance and flight or fight hormones. In short Caffeine is the reason behind smartness of your brain.




Type II Diabetes

Every type 2 diabetes patients were asked to drink coffee regularly by their physicians and science have proven that there are specific nutrients and blockers in the coffee that prevents type 2 diabetes.


Dr.Simin Lui have proven that coffee and Type 2 diabetes have opposite relationship as when you take more coffee the diabetes risk reduces. The increase in the SHBG (sex hormone-binding globulin) which increases testosterone in man and estrogen in women’s which in-fact decrease the type 2 diabetes.


Low risk of Alzheimer and Parkinson

Well we have talk about the science of coffee and it have good effect on the health of a person, among that Alzheimer and Parkinson disease are the top notch that coffee keeps away.


Both are neurodegenerative diseases and effects brain while there is not cure for Alzheimer while Parkinson is treatable. But everyone should take some precaution while symptoms are to be appeared.


Health science have proven that people with 65 year age or above which have more tendency towards these diseases should use coffee more as caffeine block these neurodegenerative hormones in the brain and keeps you away from having trouble in remembering things.


Studies shows that caffeine decrease the level of Alzheimer up to 28 % while for Parkinson the risk may be lowered to 30%.


Coffee as a Nutrition

Coffee, as the name suggest you might think of caffeine but there is a lot more science then that. Coffee is a strong nutrient product that have all the essential nutrition like Vitamins, proteins and salt that body need for metabolism.


Beside from caffeine there are plenty of nutrition products like Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) that protect the hair fall and smooth skin. Pantothenic (Vitamin B5) helps in braking down fats and convert the carbohydrates into energy. Manganese and Potassium salt that helps in sleep and stress recovery management system. Magnesium and niacin (Vitamin B3) lover the cholesterol and increase the brain functionality.


Benefits of Coffee
Benefits of Coffee

All these nutrients are available in coffee and with every increase in a cup of coffee the level of these nutrition increases in your body. Besides from enjoying a cup coffee think also of it as healthy treasure to your body. There are a plenty of other science reasons that describe the coffee benefits but these are key highlights that should be known by every person who like coffee and if you haven’t use coffee then you might should as there are plenty of reason to like the coffee as a healthy product – Benefits of Coffee.


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