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Best Machines for Weight Loss You Must Try

People who want to lose weight are always in search of the best weight loss machines. If you start looking online or visit a gym equipment store, you are sure to get confused about the best weight loss machines.

Cardio workouts are the best for weight loss, and there are a variety of cardio machines available in the gyms. One can perform cardio exercises at a gym or home, but it is essential to use the right machines. It is best to work out at a gym as there are a variety of tools available in the gyms.

This post shares some best machines for weight loss that can help you achieve fast results within a few months.



Whenever we think of cardio or weight loss the first machine that comes to mind is a treadmill. A treadmill is a highly effective machine for weight loss. The machine has a perfect mechanism for jogging running, fast walking that offers you a good workout to burn calories without going outdoors. The treadmills Brisbane provides an excellent exercise to the entire body that improves blood circulation and promotes weight loss.

Cross trainer

A cross trainer is a machine that offers an excellent workout for the whole body. It enables the users to engage their arms, shoulders, legs and back that improves the blood circulation and respiration. Working out on it for 20 to 30 minutes helps you burn significant calories daily. A cross trainer is the safest machine for people of all age groups as it does not strain your legs or joints like a treadmill.

Rowing machine

A rowing machine is generally known as a gym machine for building the back muscles, but it can also help you lose weight. The conventional rowing machines have a fixed seat, but the new machines come with a sliding seat. It engages your arms, back, legs and hips and helps you burn calories within a few minutes of exercise.

Vibration exercise machine

The vibration exercise machines are a new addition to the weight loss industry and gyms in Brisbane. The machine works by sending vibrations to the user’s body and removing the cellulite that leads to weight loss. Many people may not know about the vibration exercise machine, but it can significantly improve the speed of results you want from your weight loss program.

Stepper machine


A stepper machine is highly effective for weight loss as it targets your legs and abdominal muscles. The machine has small grab handles with stretchable ropes that you need to pull while moving your feet up and down. It engages your legs as well as the upper body that helps you burn calories and lose weight fast. The machine comes with long grab handles that you need to push and pull while moving your feet on the steps. It strengthens your abs and upper body that offer you a full body workout leading to best results for weight loss.

Inversion table

The inversion table is another new addition to the gyms that offer a good workout for your entire body. You need to lie on the table and stretch your upper body straight until it gets inverted with your weight. Users can adjust the height of the table and the degree to which they want to invert it before using the machine. You can stay in an inverted position as long as you feel comfortable and return to your natural posture when you feel discomfort or strain. The machine engages your entire body and helps lose weight quickly.

Elliptical machine

The elliptical machine is another effective tool for weight loss that engages your entire body. The machine comes with movable handlebars that allow you to engage your arms, shoulders and core in the workout. The movement of legs and core helps you burn calories from the whole body.

Moreover, the elliptical machines do not strain your legs and knees like a treadmill. Therefore, it is suitable for users of all age groups.

Stationary bike

A stationary bike is another best machine to burn calories, and it mimics the movement of an outdoor bicycle. If you like cycling but don’t want to deal with the city traffic, then a stationary bike can be the best option for you. You can set the resistance level according to your comfort, and as you rotate the pedals, it engages your legs and core in the workout. However, it helps you burn calories form the entire body, not just the legs or core.

Stability ball


A stability ball is a unique item in the gyms that offer you to do a variety of workouts. Also known as a gym ball and yoga ball, it allows the users to improve the stability and balance in the body. You can do pushups, crunches, sit-ups, Russian twists, V passes, lunges and squats.

There are no limits to the workout you can perform using a stability ball. Moreover, users don’t need to visit a gym as they can use it at the comfort of their home.

Final Words

The machines mentioned above are the best machines for weight loss that you can use at home or the gym. However, the best machines like treadmills Brisbane cannot guarantee you the best results. The results of your weight loss program depend on the regularity of your workouts and your diet plan. Exercise regularly and follow the instructions of a qualified instructor to get the most out of these weight loss machines.

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