breast lift scars
breast lift scars

Breast Lift Scars and Breast Reduction Cost – Learn about them

Breast Lift Cost and Breast Lift Scars

Depending on the type of surgery that the patient requires, the resulting in breast lift scars will be somehow in one way or another. In this sense, there are three types of ptosis depending on the degree of breast fall in each patient.

The first degree is known as moderate ptosis. The slightly hanging nipples are shown to this extent, although they are about the same height as the submammary forward. In addition, the breast is empty above, so in this case the most suitable option would be a mastopexy breast implant in the upper part of the breast. This is a case of mild ptosis, so the mastopexia can be performed around the areola.

The second degree shows advanced ptosis. It is a more advanced degree than the first, because with advanced ptosis the upper part of the breast is also empty, but drops to the bottom and nipple is between 1 and 2 cm below the groove mommy. And this time the fallen effect on the breast slightly more complex, as it is necessary to perform a vertical skin resection and then bring the areola to the original starting point.

Finally the third degree and the most extreme ptosis. We have a situation where almost almost all of the chest is located in the lower part of it, so there is excess skin in the lower area, and the top is empty and all the chest falls down.

The most extreme case, the operation also cause the most complex and more scar, because to resolve this, two skin incisions must be performed above, one vertical and the other horizontal, to have a cut called “T” inversely. The vertical incision goes from the areola to inflammatory fold and the horizontal is performed in the same groove, with the aim of removing extra skin.

Depending on the degree of ptosis that the breast has, the size of the scar mastopexy will vary accordingly. Therefore, apart from the degree of ptosis, the factors that determine the size of the scar behind determine the amount of skin at the position of the nipple and areola, the amount of fatty tissue removed and the use or not implants, all this ensures that the mastopexy price varies.

How about the breast lift risks?

Cosmetic breast surgery presents various risks, such as the following:

Scars. Although the scars are permanent, they will soothe and disappear after one or two years. In general, the scars of cosmetic breast surgery can be hidden under the bra or swimsuit. Rarely, poor healing can make the scars thick and wide.

Changes in the sensitivity of the nipples or breasts. Although the sensitivity usually recovers after a few weeks, a certain sensitivity can be permanently lost. In general, erotic sensitivity is not affected.

Irregularities or asymmetry in the shape and size of the breasts. This can occur as a result of changes during the healing process. Moreover, it is possible that an operation does not lead to the correction of pre-existing asymmetry.

Partial or total loss of nipples or areola. Rarely is the blood supply to the nipples or areola interrupted during cosmetic breast surgery. This can damage the breast tissue in the area and cause partial or complete loss of the nipple or areola.

Difficulties with breastfeeding. Although breastfeeding is usually possible after cosmetic breast surgery, some women may have difficulty producing enough milk.
As with any major surgery, cosmetic breast surgery involves the risk of bleeding, infections and side effects from anesthesia. It is also possible to have an allergic reaction to the adhesive or to other materials used during or after the procedure.

And the Breast Lift Surgery Cost?

The cost of a breast lift surgery varies depending on the country where this surgery will be performed

In addition, another factor that determines the price of this type of surgery is the clinic, another point to consider, and that each clinic has different prices and manages costs in cosmetic operations.

Estimated costs of a breast lift with small implants

In Spain: from 3000 to 6000 euros
In Mexico in dollars: from 2000 to 3000, and can go up to 4000 dollars
In the United States: 4000 to 10,000 dollars

Something important to take into account, and therefore the price can be determined, is the type of mastopexy that will be performed, in some cases it is more than just the breast lift, it is the reduction of the areola, or the use of a prosthesis , etc.

(You can always consider a breast lift without surgery or a natural breast lift, too!)

How do you take care of breast lift scars?

breast lifting scars
breast lifting scars

If we are talking about how to care for breast lift scars (mastopexy scars), it is essential to consult the procedure for minimal scarring with surgeons after surgery. In addition to the expertise of the surgeon and the selection of the technique used in the operation, postoperative care is decisive for a better result.

With the experience and use of the most developed techniques used nowadays, is completely committed to making breast lifting scars as unobtrusive as possible. They will of course be present, but they will try to hide as much as possible in order to be practically invisible. We must keep in mind that this will also happen after proper care, and that a factor is also the passage of time, which significantly reduces perception.

Should also remember that the effects of mastopexy are not permanent, because over time, age, pregnancy or weight changes can adversely affect the fall of breasts. However, if a breast lift with prosthesis is placed, the effects of mastopexy will be longer. If the patient chooses to place a prosthesis together with a mastopexy, it is recommended the use of a high-quality material that achieves a natural result, making it guaranteed by the use of prosthetics Polytech Diagon Double Gel® with Microthane® cover.

Therefore, it is desirable to have smooth relationship between the client and the doctor to manage the expectations of each client, comment on the possible scenarios in each case, and of course the personal attention to each patient with your specific computer case.

Should not be forgotten for an optimal care result after the action of breast lift scars: the use of creams and oils highly recommended in all cases, especially healing creams and oil rose hips. Such attention and its use can, in a large number of cases, result in the scar becoming almost negligible over time. A good resource is also the silicone plasters that attach to the scars, put pressure on them and significantly improve their appearance.

It is very important to protect the scars against the sun, because the sun has a negative effect on the skin.

If we have breast lift scars, exposure to the sun ensures that the scar does not disappear. Also, smoking is not recommended during the recovery period of the intervention, because the toxins from the tobacco hinder the healing process of the wounds, disrupt the oxygenation of the blood and make a negative contribution to our health.

Crescent Breast Lift

Crescent breast lift, also known as partial mastopexy, is typically the preferred method for women with mild ptosis and a light breast lift. It involves removing a crescent piece of fabric just above the areola and then sewing the fabric to a higher position. The crescent can skin or can entail deep tissues. The skin-only method is mainly used to adjust the position of the nipple at the time of breast augmentation to improve the symmetry of the breasts. The crescent cut can be made anywhere along the edge of the nipple complex, so that the nipple can move in any direction. A breast implant without due attention to symmetry can leave someone behind with an unfortunate patient after surgery. Removing the crescent from the deeper tissues changes the shape of the breast making it more rounded. And it can be done together with different patterns of skin removal process to achieve optimum results.

The main disadvantage of this procedure is the deformation of the areola if the width of the sickle is larger than one centimeter.

Breast Lift Scars Recovery Time

As we all know, recovery and postoperative mastopexy surgery is not very painful because it is not a very radical operation and has a high degree of difficulty. As with other operations, the most difficult days of recovery are the first, although the degree of discomfort varies depending on the technique used.

Thus, in the case that the reverse “T” technique is performed, in the case of grade III Ptosis, the recovery will take longer because the breasts will be inflamed after surgery. up to 3 days.

After a few days, the dressings are in any case removed and replaced by a sports bra that must be worn 24 hours a day, day and night for a month. However, the points are removed between the first and second week after surgery, while the edema will disappear completely after 4 to 6 weeks have passed.

In the event that a task is performed that does not require a high level of physical activity, the patient can be admitted within 7 days of the operation, although this will of course depend on each patient, the type of surgery and will always be a decision that the patient must be taken. specialist who studies the case in a personalized way, the only one who will be able to determine the date of incorporation according to the follow-up of the process.

As advice: during the first two months you must avoid intensive physical exercise (breast lift exercises);

For example, sexual intercourse must be avoided at least during the first 7 days after the operation.

The visible results will only be fully definitive after one year ( breast lift scars 1 year later ), since the recovery of the mastopexy scar is gradual and progressive. This period of one year is necessary so that the scars are no longer visible and the breasts assume the desired solid shape.

It is therefore important that the patient is visited at all times by health personnel and the team of specialists who perform the operation to ensure the safety and proper development of the process.

This naturally includes both the preparation of the intervention, and the patient will be instructed to follow the instructions for the operation to be successful, including guidelines on food intake, fluids, drug suppression, tobacco, alcohol, etc. of course the same operation and, which is also very important, the postoperative period.

As is normal after each operation, the patient initially notices a feeling of tiredness for a few days, although you can live a normal life at any time during these types of interventions, although a necessary rest is recommended and included in the daily routine of from the first or second day after the operation.

To guarantee the results and not to complicate the recovery process, it is advisable not to make sudden movements, to exercise or to lift weights. Thanks to the medication prescribed by our specialists, it is possible to reduce the possible discomfort caused after the operation. However, the breast usually suffers from or hurts during the first two weeks, causing a burning sensation in the nipples. As the days pass, the discomfort or pain disappears completely imperceptibly.

After mastopexia the patient may show a reduced sensitivity in the nipples. Only in rare cases can such a decrease be definitive, since it is generally a temporary situation that is overcome after a prudential period.

Breast lift scars treatment

Once the first weeks have passed and the stitches have been removed, we will have to wait until the edema has completely disappeared, which will happen after about 6 weeks.


breast lift scars
breast lift scars

Are scars left after mastopexy?
The improvement of technology by doctors today has ensured that the scars are virtually invisible. In general, the scars have an initial period in which they turn red and then evolve into lighter shades to remain unnoticed on the skin, so that they are practically unnoticed. The most common is that there is a scar around the areola, just in the limit, so it is disguised, alongside one vertical and another in the groove of the breast. The healing depends on the size of the breasts, the technique used and the healing that each person experiences. Postoperative care will be very important, in our clinic you will receive all necessary advice so that the healing is effective and you do not have to worry about the appearance of the scars (mastopexy scars).

Mastopexy is, together with breast augmentation, the surgical procedure that gives the most satisfaction to patients. Get up in the morning, look in the mirror and see a bust perfectly raised and proportioned, giving the rest of the body an ideal image, your real self and… without breast lift scars!

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