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Cannabis Indica vs Sativa: How Are They Different?

Shopping for cannabis can be quite strenuous for a first-timer. That is because there are so many strains on the market that can leave you wondering which one is ideal and which one is not. To make matters easier, you need to start at the top. That is by analyzing the two major strains, which are Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa. You should then go ahead and determine what makes them different. Doing so is going to help you know which type of cannabis you should go for and why it is suitable for you.

So far, cannabis Sativa and cannabis indica are both popular medicinal cannabis species. Some people also use them for recreational purposes. Each of the two plants tends to bear the same harsh cannabis laws. That includes not selling it to anyone under the age of 19 as well as you should not carry more than 30grams at a go. The laws vary from country to country. That is so far one of the few things that both Sativa and indica have in common.

Physical appearance

When you are analyzing the cannabis Sativa vs cannabis indica, you need to know every difference the two have, including their physical appearance, chemical composition, and their impacts on the human body once ingested.

Physically, cannabis Sativa tend to have thin and narrow leaves. They also grow much taller than their counterpart cannabis indica. Any grower can also add that cannabis Sativa has a long flowering cycle. So once you hear that, know that you are dealing with Sativa. Indica, on the other hand, is the exact opposite of cannabis Sativa. That is because it is much shorter, and its leaves are broad. Unlike Sativa, indica has short flowering cycles. It is thus quite difficult to confuse those two species of cannabis. 

How technology is affecting the existence of the two plants

Just like anything that is nearly similar, you are going to find that there are features that Sativa has but indica lacks. So what scientists are doing is that they are using technology to combine the genetics of both strains. Doing so enables them to come up with a much superior type that has the benefits of both strains. That is where the term hybrid comes in the cannabis industry. 


It is the main reason why some types of cannabis, such as OG Kush and Girl Scout cookies exist. These two cannabis plants are neither indica nor Sativa. But instead, OG kush is indica dominant while girl scout cookies are Sativa dominant. That means they contain the genes of both Sativa and indica only that one particular strain is more than the other. Jacker herer is another such indica dominant strain that has gained popularity over the years.One can read jacker here info at ILGM.

The art of gene manipulation is crossing. In the cannabis industry, gene crossing is at its peak, with some scientists manipulating as many as three plant genes to come up with a superior hybrid cannabis plant. Such plants are usually less susceptible to diseases, quick to grow, and you find that they have short flowering cycles.

Impact on the human body

Both cannabis Sativa and cannabis indica have different effects on the human body once ingested. In fact, they both deliver different results. Some cannabis traders may not give you the chance to pick the strain you want. But you can trust weedsmart to tell you or provide you with detailed information about the strain. That enables you to understand which type of weed is going to give you the benefits you require.

Impacts of Cannabis sativa to the body

Cannabis sativa is the type of strain that, once ingested, can increase the reactive nature of the individual. You will find yourself being more focused and active. It is also going to enhance your moods, and that is why it is great for social settings. Medically, cannabis Sativa is excellent as an anti-depressant and anti-anxiety medicine. It can also help in treating chronic pain. You will notice that these impacts of cannabis Sativa to the body are distinct from those of cannabis indica. According to the above effects, you should avoid taking cannabis Sativa before bed. That is because you are likely going to have a hard time catching any sleep. It is excellent for parties and other outdoor activities that require creativity. 

Impacts of Cannabis indica to the body

Cannabis indica, on the other hand, has soothing effects. Once ingested, the strain can enhance overall body relaxation by decreasing acute pain, relaxing the body as well as the muscles, and reducing nausea. From the above effects, it is clear that the strain is most useful at night. The type is also suitable for increasing appetite. These are impacts that indicate the difference between cannabis indica and cannabis Sativa. They also show why it is essential that you specify the kind of strain you are purchasing.

With the information above, you will find differentiating between cannabis Sativa and cannabis indica to be an easy task. That is because the details highlight everything you need to know about the two strains. It also indicates why you should not make a mistake of interchanging the two in a bid to treat your ailment.



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