Brain tumour

Causes And Treatment Option Available For Brain Tumour

The position and origin of a brain tumor define its genre. If it started to form in the brain, it is termed as a primary tumor. If it started in any other part of a patient’s body and then originated in the brain, it is called a secondary tumor. According to the best neurosurgeon in India, here is a list of types of brain tumors.

Acoustic Neuroma

This type of cancer occurs in the neuron sheaths protecting the nerves responsible for our hearing.


It is a benign tumor that occurs in at the skull base or near the spine, close to the pituitary gland. It can take malignant forms.

CNS Lymphoma

This type of lymphoma occurs in the central nervous system (CNS) affecting the lymph nodes producing immune cells. It is aggressive cancer that tends to spread very fast. It is generally witnessed in patients of age ranging from 60 to 80 but can now also be seen among young adults.


This tumor occurs close to the optical nerve near the base of a patient’s brain and pituitary gland. This tumor develops from the mutated cells of this gland.

Germ cell tumors

This tumor, developing from germ cells, can be malignant or benign. It occurs mostly in the patients of age ranging from 11 to 30 years.


This kind of tumor occurs in the supportive tissue of a patient’s brain. It can be of the following types.

  1. A hemangioma can be of two types, hemangioblastomas and hemangiopericytomas. The former one is a benign tumor but the latter one forms in the meninges with the possibility to spread in other organs.
  2. Lipomas are the timorous growth in the fat tissues guarding the brain inside our skull. This type of tumor rarely forms and does not cause any symptoms generally.


It occurs mostly in children during embryonic development. It originates in the brain’s lower portion and tends to spread in the spinal cord. Neurofibroma occurs in the nerve cells due to neurofibromatosis, a genetic deformity.

Neuronal glial tumors

This tumor occurs in the ganglion or a group of nerve cells. It grows slowly in a benign way.

Neuroectodermal tumor

This tumor is similar to that of medulloblastomas but occurs in a different place.

Treatment of brain tumors

The best neurosurgeon in India will design the treatment considering a few factors like:

  • Age
  • Health
  • Medical history
  • Location and size of the diagnosed tumor
  • Spreading risk
  • Level of tolerance for particular treatments

The top treatments of brain tumors are:


A surgeon will perform surgical removal of the brain tumor mass as much as possible.


High-intensity X-ray beams are focused on the diagnosed region where the brain tumor is to kill the cells. This makes a tumor shrink and easier to operate.


Stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) is performed for non-surgical requirements to shrink down a tumor.


The best neurosurgeon in India will choose chemotherapy to ensure the death of remaining tumor cells present in the brand that were undetected in a surgery.