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 7 Tips To Celebrate Your Baby’s First Birthday Party

Birthdays emerge with happy faces, delicious food, and an irreplaceable vibe. It’s one of those days which makes you forget all the grieves of life. All you want to do is party and make the most of the moment. Happiness and joy increase two folds if it’s your baby’s first birthday. Your baby is truly a blessing, transforming your life in an imperishable manner. Hence, you must do whatever you can to make his first birthday a special one. From jaw-dropping decorations to soft melodious music, you need to take care of everything. Keep reading to know the best tips for making your baby’s birthday bash a memorable one.


1. Keep The Guest List Small

As much as you want to invite every distant relative, you must hold back such desires. For your little one's first birthday, you must focus on having an intimate gathering. Unwanted noises and crowded room will startle and suffocate the baby. It's always better to explain the situation to the relatives beforehand. All you need to do is create a guest list with a limited number of people. Not only will this prevent the infections, but also keep the baby out of trouble. You can always invite the entire family when your child can handle people better. Till then, keep it small, simple, and enjoyable.


2. Plan Out The Finances Beforehand

Every parent wants their baby’s first birthday to be an amazing one. With this in mind, they tend to spend a fortune on the preparations. However, you must keep the budget a small one. Never push your limits when it comes to finances. Also, list down the areas which require the maximum amount of money. While the food and catering can be quite costly, even the decoration part tends to elevate the budget. Plan a budget and stick to it while spending for the party. Keep the food options both healthy as well as delicious. Most of the parents in the US spent $200 to $500 on their child’s first celebration. 


3. Focus On Baby-Friendly Venue

The last thing you would want is for your baby to get injured on his first birthday. Keeping this in mind, make sure to keep the venue a baby-friendly one. If you’re throwing a party outside, check the venue with your own hands.

Look out for any sharp walls or corners that might harm the kids as well as guests. Also, there needs to be one isolated room for breastfeeding the baby. However, you don’t have to do much if the venue is your own house. Just keep all the sharp objects and harmful items as much away as possible. Adapting to baby-friendly practices helps in building a better mother-child relationship as well as bonding. 


4. Don’t Forget To Create A Theme

Birthday themes provide you with a vision and clear all the dilemmas. When it comes to embellishing the venue, you must focus on the theme. Sit back and think of an adequate theme. From cartoon themes to color-specific ones, you might choose amongst the never-ending list. Once you’re done selecting a theme, start with the preparations. Let the home decor revolve around it and fetch a similar cake for the baby. Not to forget, the baby must dress up as the main character. You can also consider having two cakes, one for the smashing game and the other for cutting purposes. 

For a tom and jerry theme, dress your child up as tom and get a cake resembling jerry. Also, ask the guests to follow the theme and dress up accordingly. That way, you get to click some insta-worthy and jaw-dropping snaps. 


5. Mouth-Watering & Attractive Food

The highlight of any party is the food that it offers to the guests. You must keep in mind that the majority of the guests will be small kids. Focus on fetching the food that the kids like. From colorful cupcakes to sweet candies and popcorns, you can keep it all on the menu. Aim to bring out variable tastes, textures, and colors in the food. Healthy food options like salads, sandwiches, pasta, and cheese also work well for the first birthday celebrations. 

As far as the beverages are concerned, stick with the basic milk, fruit juice, and water for the kids. Add on the sodas for adults, and you'll be done with the food preparations. 


6. Don’t Let The Kids Go With Empty Hands

While attending a birthday, children always look forward to returning gifts. Arrange an attractive return gift for 1st birthday and pack them with colorful wraps. Also, it's the easiest way to thank all the guests for attending your baby's big day. Pencil pouches, cartoon toys, chocolate boxes, and notepads are some popular return gift ideas. You can also consider certain entertainment gifts like board games and puzzles. Make sure to keep all the gifts similar and maintain uniformity. 


7. Capture The Memories:

After your baby's first birthday, the chances are that you'll be dwelling upon it for a long time. Keep the memories of this day with you for eternity with some attractive pictures and snapshots. Charge up your phone and capture everything on this day. From the happy faces of the guests to the cake smashed look of your little one, snap up everything. Also, ask the guests to do the same and send you the pictures later. In the end, get the pictures compiled in an attractive album. You can always show them to your child in the future.


Bottom Line

While planning your child’s first birthday, focus on the simple yet beautiful things. From keeping the guest list limited to hosting a theme based party, you must stick to the basic stuff. Look out for child-friendly food options and keep a few specific dishes for the adults. Also, make sure to create a baby-friendly environment. Make the ending an astonishing one by distributing unique return gifts to the kids. Overall, celebrate your child’s day with the utmost happiness and capture every moment of the party. 


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