Check out Several Natural Tips to avoid Depression |

Check out Several Natural Tips to avoid Depression

Now days, Depression is common medical condition that affects many people emotionally as well as physically and can cause various issues in all aspects of many people’s life. As we all know depression affects anyone but when you are teen or in early 20s, it usually occurs at that time mostly. Several studies say that women are more prone to have depression as compared to the men. Every 1 in 6 people will experience depression during his life at some point.

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Many people take antidepressants to avoid depression but I would prefer to go with natural methods to manage depression. Check out few natural methods:

  1. Avoid Stress: As stress is common because of the lifestyle we all are having. There is a parallel relationship between depression and stress in a person’s life. Stress has a negative impact on mental health. There are various factors which are the major reason of the stress are work life, education, family, relationships etc. So it is advised to manage all the situations that create stress before it arises. .
  2. Exercise: Exercise plays a vital role to prevent depression. You can go with both high intensity or low intensity exercise . I know, when a person is in a depression state, he has low motivation for exercise so it is advised to start with  five minutes of walking or some other activities that make you happy .
  3. Manage Diet: Right amount of nutrients are necessary for the brains to work properly. Avoid eating unsaturated fats and eat more whole grains, fruits and vegetables. It is also necessary to avoid caffeinated drinks such as coffee and soda.
  4. Good Sleep: You might leads to other problems also such as insomnia with depression in case you can’t take proper sleep. Make sure you have created your bedtime routine or not. Avoid using electronic equipment before sleeping.  You can either go with relaxation exercise or reading a book .
  5. Avoid Alcohols and Drugs: According to the Anxiety and Depression Association in America ,” 20 percent people also face alcohol and drug disorder at the same time who are facing depression. So avoid taking alcohols and drugs as they will make your situation more worse.
  6. Talking therapy: It is one of the best way to avoid depression in women especially as many people found it more effective than medication. You can also take the help of trained stranger such as counselor or therapist as sometimes it is very difficult to talk to friends and family and share your problems. With this technique, you can talk to the person about his symptoms and find the ways to deal with them easily.
  7. Avoid common triggers: When you are in depression state, it is advised to avoid triggers as much as you can. There are several things that can trigger such as leaving a job or other any life changing decisions.

All the factors mentioned above will help you in preventing depression and bring back to normal life again.