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Dyslexia, wonder what it is?

According to the expert Neurologist in Hyderabad, Dyslexia is a disorder that involves difficulty in learning to read or interpret words, letters and symbols, but do not affect general intelligence.

How do we identify Dyslexia?

Neurologist in Hyderabad states that children have difficulty in reading texts, explaining the meaning of the texts to others, otherwise they are very intelligent. Dyslexia often results in poor academic performance, under pressure, psychological trauma. Each dyslexia child needs to learn to cope with these challenges.

Dyslexic children are as intelligent as their peers at school, due to lack of academic performance these dyslexic children are targets of bullying in school, and this leads to low self-esteem in many children.

Difference between the Dyslexic brain and Non-Dyslexic brain

Modern technology is helping us gain deeper understanding in this matter. The Neurological theory of dyslexic was proposed about a century ago by two British Physicians. Reports show that there are more dyslexics among entrepreneurs when compared to the general population. Dyslexics are not popular in higher management; hence they handle startups better in business.

Neurological Analysis of Dyslexic

Study shows dyslexics find it challenging to process the optical image letters. People with dyslexia have developmental defects in the parietal region of the brain. Neurologists in Hyderabad on examination of brains have confirmed left parietal involvement for those who died in earlier age were known to be dyslexic.

Delayed brain lateralization in dyslexia is one of the most important theories. Insufficient brain lateralization delays in understanding of languages, interpreting multiple instructions, performing routine instructions with ease was subject to multiple studies in second half century.  

Recent research by Neurologists in Hyderabad for Dyslexia is phonological in nature. Dyslexia patients have difficulties in the phoneme parts of speech. There are various defects like development issues in the visual tract or visual mechanisms in the brain , leading to the difficulty in understanding languages.

Apart from vision pathway, researchers think that there are various developmental issues too. People with dyslexia have temporal processing impairment; hence they are unable to process information fast. Therefore dyslexia results in multi-system deficits

  • Dyslexia results in deficits in the brain at multiple levels.
  • Impaired phoneme discrimination resulting in difficulty in understanding spelling.
  • Visual perceptual impairment further worsening of word recognition
  • Phonological awareness impairment cause speech disturbance 
  • End results delayed speech development, difficulties in reading and comprehending texts and poor academic performance.

Worried about Dyslexia? Here’s a positive side

Historical evidence states that Leonardo  da vinci to Einstein had learning disabilities. Children with Dyslexia are equal to non dyslexic children. The higher success of individual with Dyslexia in certain professions has been a compensatory mechanism this fact has to be cultivated during schooldays to overcome difficulties.

Kids may develop skills interacting with others. Focus may be more in specific area of sciences. Many have lack of concentration in studies, but successful in business at a very early age. They can be found in any profession and in the long run they are equally successful.

Dyslexics may score poorly in school, but outscore other children in practical life since they spend more time perfecting their verbal skills. So do not worry and hesitate if the problem exists. Seek intervention from the best neurologists in Hyderabad for your concern and get the best solutions for your problem.

Entrepreneurs with dyslexics are known 

-To be good at delegating tasks 

-Excellent mentors 

-They are very creative 

-Above all they are more successful entrepreneurs.

  When there is no creative space, they are less successful.

Neurologists in Hyderabad suggest attaining success with Dyslexia through learning different skills, mastering different ways to solve tasks, developing new ideas to compensate for their limitations.