E-Cigs: The Potential Harms and Benefits

E-cigarettes have gained popularity with many people. The topic of e-cigs has been quite controversial. Some see them as a good thing while others have their equal share of doubts. If you are a cigarette smoker and you are having a hard time trying to stop the habit, you may have been recommended to try an e-cig. Since e-cigarettes are relatively new to many people, more about them is yet to be discovered. 

E-cigs are electronic devices that make it possible for one to inhale the vapor that contains nicotine. The selling point for e-cigarettes is the fact that it is safe compared to smoking traditional cigarettes. Is this claim true? Here is all you need to know about the potential benefits and harms of e-cigs.

Let’s Start with the Potential Harms

It is always crucial to remain safe in everything we do. To claim that e-cigarettes are completely harmless is not true. Just like many things one can purchase out there, it has its disadvantages. We need to be careful about what we put into our bodies. It is understandable for many people to raise genuine concerns on e-cigars because they are relatively new. One of the ways that e-cigs may harm you is if the device malfunctions. The market is currently filled with many vaping devices. Many devices that sell at a low price tend to be of cheap quality. E-cigarettes that are not up to standards are more likely to malfunction when being used. To ensure you buy a quality vaping product, make sure that you purchase from an ecig store that is well-established.

Something that many people who are in the vaping industry are failing to mention is addiction. We need to understand that the e-liquids contain nicotine. Though nicotine is less harmful than the many toxic chemicals found in cigarettes, it is highly addictive. Just like being addicted to smoking, you are more likely to get addicted to vaping. It is rather unfortunate that some teens are vaping because of e-juice flavors and peer pressure. Some people have ended up being addicted to nicotine, which later makes them start smoking. It is essential to note that nicotine has adverse effects on adolescent brains. Because of the increasing number of teens who get into vaping, many parents are against e-cigs.

Vaping is not recommended for those who are pregnant. Research has shown that vaping harms the child. Some people have raised concerns about what e-liquids contain and if they are entirely harmless.


Well, there are a few benefits of e-cigs and vaping. The main benefit is that it is an effective cigarette replacement. Smoking has claimed the lives of many people. Vaping has been credited in helping a good number of people stop smoking for good. Vaping is not harmful to others around them. Those that will fully benefit from vaping are people trying to quit smoking. 


Vaping is not entirely harmless as many may have been made to believe. If you wish to quit smoking, you should seek advice from your doctor on the steps to take.


Ferry Madden
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