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Easing Your Back Pain Through Strength Building

The Culprit Of Back Pain

There are many individuals who may have had an injury that has caused their back pain, this can come from a car wreck, a fall, or even just lifting the wrong way. There are even individuals who once did not have back pain but over time found that they had a disease such as degenerative disc disease which is a very painful medical condition. As we age and some do not have great posture this can lead to back pain as well. Even in your most comfortable place the bed can cause back pain. These can all be a culprit to a person having pain in the back whether it be lower, mid, or upper region of the back. We are going to go over a grouping of exercises to help with back pain. It is suggested to always check with your medical advisor before you start out on an exercise program to ensure you do cause more harm than help.


Lower Back Pain Exercise

One muscle that is the strongest in our bodies is the gluteus maximus. This muscle is located in our buttock. A weakness here can cause lower back pain. The simple bridge exercise can help with this. To start you will want to lie down on the floor with your feet flat to the floor approximately hip width apart. Next place your hands to your side then press your feet towards the floor, slowly lift your buttock off the floor till your body becomes a straight line. While doing this keep your shoulders to the floor. Then you will hold this position for ten to fifteen seconds. You will then lower yourself slowly down. You will need to repeat this at least fifteen times. You will want to try to perform this three times and give yourself a one minute rest in between them.


Mid Back Pain Exercise

The middle back can have pain due to overexertion and this stretching exercise can help. The cat-cow pose this is a more gentle stretching to help with mid back pain. To start you will get down on all fours, your knees and hands. Next your neck and back should be in a position of neutral and straight. You will then slowly tighten your abdominal muscles then you will round your back upwards and tuck your chin. You will inhale and exhale and breathe as you are doing this and relax as you bring yourself back to the starting point. You will do this ten to twenty times.


Upper Back Pain Exercise

The upper back pain can come from over exertion and a stooped posture. A corner stretch will help and release and strengthen tight muscles across your chest area. A note about this exercise if no corner is available you can simply use a doorway for this. You will place your feet together. You will place your forearms on the sides of the walls or sides of the door frame if you are having to use a doorway. Your elbows should be slightly lower than your shoulders. You will then lean forward until you can feel the stretch of your back muscles and chest muscles. Hold this for about thirty to sixty seconds. You can repeat this three to five times in the day.


Closing Comments On Pain And Exercise

When you are in pain it is very hard to lead a normal day to day life. The reason for your pain in some instances does not matter, you just do not want to hurt or you feel you never want to be in the position of being in pain to begin with. It is always best to speak with your physician and make an exercise plan that can help with pain. If you are healthy and feel no pain it is best to start a regime now to work as a preventive method. Exercise, good nutrition, and following your doctors advice is always a wise plan. 


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