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Escape to an authentic yoga retreat for better health


Nestles in the foothills of the Serra Da Estrela in central Portugal in a setting amongst ancient pine and cork oak trees you will find Yoga Evolution Retreats, an authentic yoga retreat & yoga training centre.

Yoga Evolution has been established since 2008 offering life changing experiences to people looking to establish a yogic lifestyle or to simply make some healthy choices. Yoga has grown over the years into a proven method of health and wellbeing due to its emphasis on diet and exercises as well as meditation practices to calm the body and mind. You can use yoga postures for releasing tension in the myofascia of the body and meditation to become aware of how your thoughts are affecting your life choices.

At the retreat centre you will have an opportunity to explore yoga on an Evolutionary Yoga Retreat that incorporates some of the most powerful and simple practices of Qigong, Vinyasa Flow, Shamanic journeying, Gong healing and mindfulness meditation. If you are interested in astrology and how it affects us and why, then the Evolutionary Method of practice will certainly do that. Evolutionary Yoga has been founded and developed by the owners of Yoga Evolution Retreats Peter & Sue.

The Centre

The retreat centre spreads over 14 acres of well cared for forest land along Vale de Bacelo. You will find hammocks hanging in trees all over the valley with lots of trees to relax under with a book or to meditate. Around the centre you will find some wonderful walks along the miles of forest tracks and even stop of to say hello to the locals in nearby villages. At the bottom of the valley is a stream that flows all year round and has some really secluded mountain water bathing spaces to cool off on a hot day. If a swimming pool is your preference then take a dip in the natural sea salt pool which has breath taking views of the mountain ranges, there is plenty of shade around the pool to escape the hot summer sun.


You have lots of options to choose from such as vegan or vegetarian dishes all expertly cooked by the residential Chef. You can make requests if needed. All of the food is served on the restaurant terrace overlooking the valley.

The accommodation

You can book a single, double, twin or stay in an eco caravan. The buildings have all been carefully renovated over the years to provide the guests with comfortable accommodation that has been furnished to very high standards. The room are spread out over four building providing you with total privacy.

Yoga styles

On the yoga retreat you have a selection of different styles to choose from and they are all taught by expert yoga teachers. Find time to explore vinyasa flow, shamanism, yin yoga, meditation, qigong or have your practice tailored to your own needs. Every day the owners give an evening planetary gong bath that will send you off to bed totally relaxed and re-charged.

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