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Exercises for strengthening your upper body

The importance of regular physical activities in your daily routine is truly immense, for both your body and your mind. Production of endorphins is increased, and you are reducing your anxiety and stress levels, while your energy levels are increased. Some other essential aspects of exercising are that you are lowering the risks of various chronic diseases, stimulating the flow of oxygen and blood to your brain, all while maintaining a healthy weight. You can choose to focus on one type of activity, such as endurance, cardio or strength exercises, or create a combined routine that works for you. We will examine the main benefits and the best strength exercises in this article.

Benefits of strength training

Having a strong body allows you better coordination, for starters. Strength training is basically focused on slowing down the process of losing muscle mass, which happens as we are aging. Muscular strength is defined by the amount of force you can utilize, as well as how much weight you can lift. Working on it will increase the muscle mass, but also the density of your bones and the flexibility of your joints.

This results in having greater balance and will impact every aspect of your daily tasks and basic movements you probably aren’t even considering, such as getting up from your bed, doing chores, picking up your child and grocery shopping. With your posture being improved and your coordination of movement completely under control, you will significantly reduce any risks of injuries and falls.

Using your own body weight

There are various exercises that don’t require any equipment, so if you are not a gym type of person, don’t worry! First of all, start by doing push-ups, one of the essential chest exercises. There are variations of basic pushing yourself off the floor method which you can try out, such as elevated, one-arm or clap push-ups. The only thing that matters is that your whole body is straight during the process, and besides the chest, you will activate muscles in your abs, shoulders and triceps. Elevated version means your feet are not on the floor, but rather a chair or some other piece of furniture, to make the push-up harder. If you push with more force than necessary, you will be able to clap mid-air for another version.

Balancing poses and planking are deceivingly hard exercises, because you are working on your entire core. Staying in a certain position challenges one group of muscles and helps you reach the stability and balance of your upper body, as your spine is in a straight line. You will notice significant relief of pain in your back, and you can experiment a lot with these.

Using weight machines and other equipment

Using more weight than your own is the next level of getting stronger. In order to do so, you will either need to visit a gym, or purchase some equipment to exercise with weights at home. You can start by buying a barbell and various brands such as Cyberfit can offer you a wide range of quality products to choose from. Just remember to be really careful when it comes to adding weights and do so gradually! Some of the most efficient exercises are bench and overhead press. It is essential to grasp the bar just slightly wider than the width of your shoulders to do the exercises correctly.

With bench press you are in a horizontal position and lifting the weight above your chest. As soon as the bar is near you, push your feet to the floor as much as you can to lift the weight again. Overhead is the more dangerous version, as you are standing and lifting the weight above your head. You can start with a bar on the rack, or when you feel ready, from the floor. Precision is the key with presses, but the results most visible for the upper body. Another option is a deadlift, where your feet are lined up with your hips, starting bar position is from your thighs, and you are lifting the weight to your chest. These are the essentials for home workouts, and if you choose a gym, you will have more options of equipment, but in that case, strictly follow the instructor’s guidelines!


Regardless of what is a better fit for you when it comes to the approach to improving your muscular strength, bear in mind the results will be quite the same. Once you start with the routine you’ve chosen, you will also notice your sleep pattern is more consistent and the quality of sleep is better. Feeling good in your own skin and being able to fully enjoy various activities that require strength will no doubt boost your confidence! Improving your self-esteem and mental health, in general, is among the top reasons people decide to start with these routines, and you should definitely give it a try! You have nothing to lose, besides some weight and a lot of stress.

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