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Foot Care Tips Every Family Must Follow

Feet are the parts that bear the weight of the entire body. They need care as much as other body parts, but they are the most ignored. Many people experience foot problems due to lack of care and hygiene. There are many reasons for poor foot health, but the most prominent is the lack of attention and care.

Even people join a gym for the fitness of the upper and lower body, but they don’t do anything for their feet. Our feet require as more care than other body parts as they must be strong to balance our bodies and bear their weight.

This post shares some simple foot care tips that every family should follow to maintain healthy and happy feet.

Examine your feet regularly!

Every person must examine his/her feet daily. Analyzing the feet regularly will help you to detect any problems in the beginning and treat them immediately.

Sometimes the foot problems start, and we don’t notice them if there is no pain in the foot. The fungal infections, drying and scaling of feet are not detected until you examine your feet carefully.

In case of foot pain, check your feet using a magnifying glass and check for any cuts, redness, swelling, blisters etc.

Wash your feet every day!

Our feet are closed in shoes all day due to which they produce sweat and odour. The sweat can lead to infections and other foot problems. Therefore, it is essential to wash your feet as soon as you arrive home.

Wash your feet using a mild soap and water in summer and with lukewarm water in winters. After washing your feet, you must wipe them with a soft towel and sprinkle some foot powder.


In addition to washing, it is also necessary to moisturize your feet. Moisturizing helps you prevent the drying and scaling of skin especially for the people who suffer from cracked feet. After washing and drying your feet, you can use a cream or lotion to moisturize your feet.

Wear the right footwear!

Wearing proper footwear is necessary for foot health. Some people wear too tight shoes that reduce blood circulation and cause foot problems. Wearing too loose shoes do not provide proper support that your feet need while walking or running.

Trim your nails

It is important to trim your toenails regularly as the grown nails can stroke your shoes and cause problems. The fingers of your feet can pain due to the pressure of shoes on the nails. It is more important if your play sports that require running and proper support for the feet.

The toenails should neither be too short nor too long. Therefore, you should not cut the toenails too short otherwise they can cause problems.

Blood circulation

Proper blood circulation is essential for healthy feet. Inadequate blood circulation in the feet or lower legs can lead to a variety of foot problems. People doing office jobs sit in a position for prolonged hours that lead to poor circulation in the feet and lower legs.

Such people should take breaks and walk for two minutes before sitting again on their seat. Moreover, you should not wear with legs crossed on a chair or seat. Do not wear too tight footwear and do not smoke.

Avoid running in foot problems

People who suffer from foot problems should not indulge in high impact sports like running, football, tennis, etc. Running can make issues more severe and reduce the effectiveness of treatment.

Therefore, it is essential for the people suffering from foot issues to avoid running and sports activities in some conditions. Your foot doctor would advise you about the precautions you need to take according to your foot condition.

Let your feet breathe and rest

Our feet support the body weight and help us move. They are under the continuous pressure of body weight all the times. They also need rest to recover and regain their energy like our body and mind. Therefore, it is essential to offer them a rest every day.

Most people wear shoes for more than 9 hours a day. The skin of the feet needs breath and fresh air to recover from sweat and other conditions. Every person must leave his/her feet open for at least two hours to relax and breathe the air they need.

When to visit a podiatrist?

If you examine your feet regularly even once a week, you will come to know about any problems that might develop in your feet. You need to visit a podiatrist as soon as you detect any issues in your feet. Any delay in consulting a foot doctor can allow the problems to become severe and increase the pain and suffering. The podiatry gold coast is popular for the treatment of foot related diseases in Australia.

Final words

The above tips for foot care can help any individual family to maintain healthy feet. However, the problems could arise, and one should visit a podiatrist as soon as he/she notices a foot issue to treat the same.

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