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Hassle-Free Online Shopping with EON Visa Card

We have officially entered the busiest yet happiest season of the year. Christmas is the most sought after celebration every single year. Though we are still in the middle of battling the global pandemic, this is the season that everybody won’t go missing. Malls and bazaars are still filled with shoppers as establishments hold sales and offer promos for those shopping for their family, friends, and colleagues. Baked goods can be found in basically every corner of the city, and restaurants have promotional packages for Noche Buena. And, everywhere you go, you can hear Christmas carols playing. Still, there are those who worry about heading out due to the dangers of the Coronavirus. Thankfully, there is an option for people who want to stay home.

Online shopping has been around for years and it has grown its popularity significantly every single year. In this age and period, we can purchase almost anything online. Online shopping happens when a buyer makes a purchase through a digital platform. Global coverage is one of the primary benefits of shopping online. Nearly every one of us likes to shop online. Its main appeal is that we can buy and search for items without leaving the safety of our homes. And in the last quarter of the year, a period that is leading to Christmas, online shopping is particularly appealing to the majority of consumers, especially in this time of the pandemic. It also became appealing because it saves shoppers from the long queue at the malls, not to mention the angry customers that are waiting in line.

Today, most stores have their own online shopping sites and accounts. In layman’s terms, they have an available website that allows customers to avail their items with the help of the web. The retailer can also deliver the items at the shopper’s home, office, a nearby location, or any preferred address. Online shopping works in a very simple and convenient way. All that a shopper needs is an internet connection, debit or credit card from a reliable bank, and a secure password along with an email address which should be kept among ourselves and a mobile number. When you are already done with your online shopping and scanning of items, you most probably had made your choice of items for purchase. With today's power of technology, as consumers, we are looking for an online payment system or gateway that is hassle free and would cause us no worries for making our online payments.

When do we consider an online shopping experience as stress-free? The majority would initially search for the seller's feedbacks, payment safety from fraud, website recognition where it meets all the technical requirements, while others would search for the conditions of sale, where they can find some attractive discounts and coupons as they shop online. These are just some of the buyers' conditions before making an online purchase. With the continuous development of technology, the traditional ways of doing things have become more accessible and convenient for everyone, and that includes buying foods, services, and commodities based on their needs and preferences.

One of the industries that benefit the most with the emergence of technology is the retail industry or in digital terms, e-commerce. As early as now, many of us have already made plans and a list of loved ones whom they will be giving presents for the yuletide season, they might have already searched for those special items online and having them delivered from overseas to the Philippines or the recipient’s home address. With this age of globalization and the internet, everything became easier for both the buyer and seller. With just a few steps required by an e-commerce company before making a purchase or posting an item for sale, it can reach the global market with better growth potential for entrepreneurs and easier access to items abroad for consumers.

While technology has made almost everything possible for everyone, the areas of concern that were brought by the web have also increased, and that includes security in the financial sector. Technology advancement has brought a long list of beneficial things to buyers like us, but it also became a doorway to those who want to take advantage or abuse the good things it could bring us. That is why EON by UnionBank has come up with a product that is not only convenient to use but it also gives us security on our hard-earned money against the online predators.

More and more Filipinos have seen the importance of having savings account along with the bank's special security features against online fraud while they enjoy the perks of mobile banking and online shopping. In fact, the number of people with deposit accounts has increased thru the years. It is no surprise that opening a savings account and applying for debit cards is now possible online. One of the trusted banks who addressed this area of consumers' concern is EON by UnionBank.

EON is among the pioneers of fully digital banks in the country. It is a neo banking platform that allows clients like you to apply and access your accounts through the bank's official EON website or by downloading EON's official app. What makes the product better is you can also avail of their EON visa Card at their UnionBank branches nationwide. The EON Visa Card aims to provide convenience and security on their online banking services and features all their clients.

One of the best things about the EON Visa Card is you can use your card upon receiving it. You can either choose to swipe your EON Visa Card at any accredited Visa merchants across the globe or you can withdraw your funds from your EON Visa Card at any Megalink and Visa Plus ATM. What makes this product more awesome is you can also link your EON Visa Card to your PayPal account once you already have your card. EON Visa Card is a win-win product for anyone who is into convenience and security.

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