herbal tea for sugar cravings

Herbal Tea to Curb Sugar Cravings

Tea is good for whatever ails you, from curbing your sugar cravings, to relieving headaches or an upset stomach. In fact, as we go over the different beverages you need to have on hand, you will find that tea is essential for overall health.

The great thing about tea, is that you can purchase herbal tea from the store or grow your own herbs at home. There are different ways to use tea in order to curb your sugar addiction. Brewing single flavor teas like mint, will do the trick for most people.

However if your sugar addiction is screaming for ice cream, then perhaps try some of the mixed teas. Let’s start with single flavors.

Do you crave chocolate? If so, the first tea we talk about, will be number one on your list.

 Chocolate mint-Many people are unaware of the many types of mint that can be grown. Chocolate mint smells wonderful and if you grow it in the backyard or in the house, just pinch a leaf, to release that chocolate smell. You can even use fresh chocolate mint to make cookies or cupcakes.

Holy Basil-This another tea that you can buy in bulk, or make fresh from the garden. Studies have shown that holy basil helps to lower blood sugar and has a natural sweet flavor to satisfy your taste buds. One issue with sugar detox is the stressful feeling that you have while working the detox and holy basil bring about nature stress relief.

Rosemary– As mentioned, detox has some side effects like stress and there is also the chance of getting mild headaches while doing the sugar detox. Rosemary tea will help with the craving and work as a natural headache remedy. It works by improving your overall blood flow and studies show that it is a superior tea for brain blood flow. This keeps the headaches in check. Rosemary has many natural benefits, including improving memory by inhaling the scent.

Carob-This is another tea for those who have severe chocolate cravings. It tastes best when blended with another tea such as chamomile or rose. The taste of carob is very similar to chocolate and has been described as, “earthy.”

Echinacea– This tea has been promoted primarily as one to drink to prevent colds and the flu from setting in. It does so much more and for our purposes, we need to include it for the lowering of blood sugar and fighting the sugar cravings.

Lemon Balm– The tangy taste of lemon will help your taste buds forget about sugar. Lemon balm tea is also great for stomach issues.

All the teas that we have gone through, should be a staple in your coffee/tea drawer. Now it is time to discover mixed teas.

Chocolate, Orange and Mint tea– Previously we talked about using chocolate mint, which you grow in a garden. You can still use that or use a bit of pure cocoa, with orange and fresh mint.

Green Tea with added blueberries– The health benefits of green tea have been touted forever. Now you can up the health benefits by adding fresh blueberries and get the antioxidants which the berries are well known for.

Hibiscus Tea with black berries and blueberries- Hibiscus tea has a lot of antioxidants, so combining it with berries makes it a sweet treat with potent health benefits. You can use blackberries and blueberries, however if you are not fond of one in particular, this tea tastes great with any mix of berries that you choose.


If you have always been a coffee drinker and the idea of tea has never really crossed your mind, well now you have many great reasons to start drinking it.

Make it fun by buying different tea containers and tea pots. Turn it into a bit of hobby and get the whole family involved.

Beating sugar addiction takes work, so any place you can add fun to the mixture, will take it a long ways.

Ferry Madden
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