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Home Décor Ideas to Improve Your Mental Health

Just like you are taking care of your physical health, caring for your mental health is very important. Many aspects can affect mental health, positively and negatively. An important part of your wellbeing is your living space and how it looks and feels. Your home is a place where you can recharge and prepare for your next day. 

If your home is messy or without a personality, you will probably feel the same way. That’s why decorating your home can be a fun way to improve your mental health and wellbeing. Read on to see our home decor ideas.

Remove clutter

Before decorating can even begin, it’s important you have a clean slate to work on. Clutter and chaos is a big enemy to mental health because they translate to chaos in our minds. It can trigger anxiety, depression, restlessness and it’s just difficult to live in a cluttered home. 

The best solution is to not leave the clutter behind you, but always put things in their place, or if it’s trash, in the bin. If you are cleaning up, organize the clutter you use and get rid of anything that you don’t need. Cleaning can help you focus and calm down, and a clean room will give you peace of mind.

Let the light in

Opening up the curtains and windows is an instant way to let light into your home. Natural sunlight can brighten your mood as well as improve your sleeping cycle. Sunlight gives us vitamin D and increases our serotonin levels. 

If you are working from home, placing your desk next to a window will help you focus and be in a better mood, with lesser drain from work. If your windows can’t bring in much natural light, there are light bulbs that can mimic sunlight with similar effects. Try to avoid harsh overhead lights, and opt for smaller lights in various places.

Cosy up

Fabrics play a big role in decorating a space and regulating our feelings. The fabrics that affect our mood can range from our bedding, carpets to curtains. Since your home should be a safe space, it’s essential to make it as cosy as possible, so you can properly recharge for the next day. The couch can be full of soft, fluffy pillows that you can sink in, with a throw blanket at hand if you need to warm up. 

Make sure your bedding is soft and airy for maximum comfort when you sleep. Include some fun colours or patterns in your living room to cheer you up. Opt for relaxing colours in your bedroom for an added dose of peace.

Play with colour

Colours play a big part in our lives, even if we don’t realise it. There has been a lot of research on colour, as well as the knowledge we have about colour theory, that suggests certain colours evoke certain feelings. You can use this in choosing a colour for your space, ranging from wall colour to decorative pieces. The blue colour is one of the most calming and relaxing colours

It can reduce heart rate, regulate breathing, reduce anxiety and promote calmness and tranquillity. It is the best colour for a space you spend most of your time in, like a living room or bedroom. The green colour is similar, as it’s the colour of nature, and yellow can promote energy, happiness and creativity.


Bring in the greenery

Nature fills us up with calm and peaceful vibes, so why not bring that energy to your home. Houseplants and gardens are perfect for decorating and improving your mental health. Fun and pot plant stands are perfect companions to your new plants and decor. There are quite a few good sides to having plants in your space. 

They can brighten up any room; if you have flowers they can have a nice scent and add colour to your space; plants make your air cleaner and increase oxygen; they provide calm vibrations and peaceful feelings. Taking care of plants can also give you a sense of purpose, and if they are a produce, you will also benefit from healthy veggies or fruit.

Decorate with memories

Another way to help your mental health with decor is to surround yourself with good memories. Photographs of your friends and family and happy moments can help you in difficult times and evoke positive feelings. 

A positive and feel-good environment and decorations can be of great help when you are feeling low. Place fun trinkets that remind you of happy moments in your life. Sometimes your mind just needs a little push in the right direction, and these decorations can help you with that.


A calm and peaceful home is frequently a foundation of our mental health. These are some decoration tips that can help you get in a better mental state and relax after a difficult day. Remember to only choose items that make you feel happy and warm, and your home will become a sanctuary. 

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