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How Bariatric Beds Mattress Increase Patient Comfort

Bariatric bed mattress is made with higher levels of standards to be able to accommodate a weight capacity of up to 1200 pounds. They are specially designed to suit patients who are obese or heavy to help prevent injuries and bedsores due to their immobility.

Bariatric mattresses are found in hospitals, rehab centers, clinics or even at homes where individuals having weight problems need to be taken care of with close monitoring. The mattresses are designed with unique features that ensure comfort and can stand the test of time as they hold extreme weight capacity on a daily basis.

Bariatric products which include beds and mattresses are mostly used in hospitals for weight loss surgery and are being built with special features than the regular standard bed or mattresses to ensure a patient's safety on their road to recovery is well catered.

Most medical facilities are using these mattresses to accommodate the number of increasing patients with obese patients, and it makes it possible for physicians to attend to these patients efficiently without straining or inconveniencing the patient.

Here are ways in which bariatric beds are made to ensure the comfort of the patients while undergoing treatment and medical care.

Heavyweight Capacity

Normal mattresses cannot withstand heavy weights associated with obese individuals. Bariatric mattresses are designed with special structures that ensure they won't sag and can accommodate a weight capacity of up to 1200 pounds and ensure the safety of the patient.

Some are made with multi-layers of compressed foam and fiber to help maximize the strength of the mattress and its support while still maintaining softness to the comfort of the patient.

Pressure Release Zones

Overweight patients are likely to experience aches and pains from different parts of their body. Some bariatric mattresses have distinctive designs that include several zones to ensure pressure redistribution which helps relieve aches and pains associated with weight problems.

Water Resistance Covers

Since most overweight patients have mobility difficulties, their movement may be limited to the bed hence a lot of sweating, and other body fluids may occur while they are lying on the mattresses.

Some bariatric mattresses are fitted with cover material that is vapor permeable and water resistance to help lower perspiration and make the cleaning easy.

Flexibility and movement

Although some of these features may differ from one model to another, most bariatric mattresses have features that allow easy movement of both the patient and the caregiver.  Some have air cushions that can be deflated or inflated to allow the patients to move or turn and also give the caregiver a better position to attend to the patient.

Wider Surface Area

A bariatric mattress is designed with wider surface than the standard bed to allow the patients to shift positions comfortably without restrictions. It gives them room to stretch and turn comfortable and lie down without being restricted.


Obesity and overweight problems have become common in the modern society hence the need for medical attention and surgery for this category of patients. They may require special mattresses that can accommodate their weight with no constrictions.

Bariatric mattresses are designed with special features to carry the weight while at the same time allowing the patient to lie down comfortably without the risk of bedsores and injuries that are common with obese patients.

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