How Buccal Fat Removal Works? |

How Buccal Fat Removal Works?


The buccal fat pads are the circular masses of present fat right in the middle of the cheeks. These fat pads are present in the hollow part below your cheekbones and right between the facial muscles. And, the size of these considerably affects the shape of your face. So, if you have larger buccal pads, you might have heard things like “baby face” or “chubby cheeks” all your life. Having a rounder and bigger cheek is perfectly fine. But, if you want to get rid of them, there's a simple way out for that: buccal fat removal surgery.


Now, you must be wondering what this surgery is all about. So, read on to clarify all your doubts about the procedure.

What Exactly Is Buccal Fat Removal?


Buccal fat removal in New York, NY, is one of the hottest cosmetic surgeries right now. The procedure is nothing new as surgeons have been doing it for years, combined with other types of facial surgeries. Opting solely for buccal fat removal surgery is a comparatively newer phenomenon.


In such a surgery, a meager incision is made below the cheekbones to remove parts or all of the buccal fat pads surgically. As a result of the procedure, you'll get thinner cheeks and more defined facial angles. Combining this surgery with other cosmetic procedures like Botox injection, lip augmentation, chin implants, rhinoplasty, and a facelift for the best results is also possible.


Think of how you slightly suck in the cheeks for a selfie or while highlighting your cheekbones. The results are the surgical equivalent of that. As a chiseled look and a V-shaped face are in, the demand for this surgery increases by the day.


What Makes You A Good Fit for Surgery?


If you have been considering buccal fat pad removal surgery, given below are a few factors that can make you an eligible candidate for it:


  • You have a healthy weight.
  • You are stable and fit physically.
  • You have a fuller and round face.
  • You want to remove the excessive fullness of the cheeks.
  • You suffer from pseudo-herniation (the creation of uneven fat masses in the cheeks).
  • You are ready to set realistic expectations.
  • You do not use tobacco products.


When You Can't Opt for This Surgery


Just as the above factors make you the right fit for the surgery, the following ones make you unsuitable for the procedure.


  • You have a narrow face (surgery will lead to sunken cheeks).
  • You suffer hemifacial atrophy (skin on one side of the face starts shrinking).
  • You are older (age naturally makes you lose facial fat).
  • Your body weight is more than what it should be.
  • You have any severe health issues.


It's essential to consult an experienced plastic surgeon to know if you are the right fit for the procedure. Also, the best candidates for the surgery are otherwise thin but have way too chubby cheeks.

What to Expect During the Surgery?


The procedure is pretty simple and finishes pretty fast, too. It's one of the cosmetic surgeries known as a ‘lunchtime procedure' because you can go out during lunch and get it done. 


So, if you are only in for buccal fat removal, you will get local anesthesia in your face. Though it won't be painful, you'll stay awake the whole time during the procedure. You will only need general anesthesia if you are getting more than a single surgery. If you opt for general anesthesia, you would need someone to take you home.

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The surgeon will make an incision inside the cheeks and put some pressure to expose the fat pads. Then, they will cut and remove buccal fat pads before closing the incision with dissolvable stitches. You'll be sent home with the necessary care instructions that you need to follow. Now, give it a few months to see the difference for yourself. For more tips visit medicalisland.

How to Set the Right Expectations from Buccal Fat Removal?

No two patients are exactly alike when it comes to plastic surgery, and neither are the results of the buccal fat removal process done on them. Thus, it's essential to set the right expectations beforehand. 


Buccal fat removal might change the contours of your face, but there is a catch to that. If the procedure is over-resected, i.e., too much fat gets removed, the results can be far from pleasing to the eye. Going from a round face to one that's severely sculpted is neither subtle nor looks real. Such a super-sculpted is indeed the in-thing on social media, but it does not look great in real life.

So, let a reliable and experienced board-certified surgeon assess your anatomy and give you the right feedback regarding the best results you can expect from the surgery.

The Bottom Line


It's time to look for a well-reputed plastic surgeon in your area to discuss the procedure further before actually undergoing surgery. When done correctly, buccal fat removal can be just the procedure you were looking for to stop hearing those ‘baby face' remarks.

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