How Can Yoga & CBD Oil Work Together


When we talk about healing beyond common medications, Yoga is one of the first things that come to our mind. Yoga is a natural way to keep ourselves healthy without the need for external instruments or assistance. At present, it has become a part of our lifestyle, and more and more people are subscribing to this thousand of years old practice. 

But Yoga is not the only way to naturally heal your body. In recent times, Cannabis has been in the limelight for its multifaceted properties that can have a positive impact on the human body. The Cannabis Sativa species contains many cannabinoids, among which THC and CBD are the most known ones. CBD is a compound known for its health benefits, and it is growing in popularity after the legalization of Hemp-extracted products. A great way to utilize these benefits is to consume CBD oil. In this article, we are going to see how Yoga & CBD Oil can work together for your wellbeing.


Health benefits of Yoga:

The ancient practice of Yoga is not like any other physical exercise as it is said to bring holistic changes to one’s health, psyche, attitude; in one word, it transforms one’s worldview. Some of Yoga’s benefits are:

  • In today’s busy world, Yoga gives us the chance to improve our health on a daily basis without the need for any external intervention.
  • The regular practice of Yoga leads to a fitter body, balanced weight, and heightened agility.  
  • According to studies, Yoga helps to become mindful, increases our concentration in whatever we are doing.
  • Another important health benefit of Yoga is that it reduces stress and makes us calm. Additionally, it takes care of our cardiovascular health. 


Health benefits of CBD Oil:

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CBD or cannabidiol is a cannabinoid that is majorly extracted from Hemp and is high in therapeutic value. The extracted CBD is mixed with some carrier oil to make it fit for human consumption. The good thing is that you can formulate CBD Oil at home also.

 Some of its properties are:

  • CBD oil is an excellent remedy for pain and inflammation. 
  • According to studies, CBD oil can cure critical issues like anxiety, depression, and epilepsy. 
  • CBD oil helps to relax and increases the sleep quota, enabling better recovery and reducing stress.
  • CBD oil maintains proper metabolism and treats indigestion.                 
  • CBD oil helps to recover from injuries and muscle tissue damage. 


How can Yoga & CBD Oil work together for you:

As we have observed, the practice of Yoga and the properties of CBD oil have something in common: both of these help us relax. Being calm and focused is indeed the virtue most of us lack, which leads to all kinds of complications in our lives. In this respect, both these complement each other. There are some reasons why a combination of these two should be the way to go for you:


  • CBD oil helps you to be in the ideal mental and physical state for your Yoga session:


A Yoga session can’t be successful if the participant is in an unstable mood and can’t concentrate. CBD oil, with its ability to make you relaxed and non-anxious, helps you to excel in your Yoga Asanas. A daily practice of Yoga Asanas lowers blood sugar, drops blood pressure, and maintains your heart rate. Thus, you receive the benefits of both Yoga and CBD oil to make your life stress free.



  • CBD oil takes care of your body aches and pains to keep you fit for the Yoga class:


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CBD oil is a proven remedy for various kinds of pain, muscle soreness, and injuries. A regular dose of CBD oil ensures that you don’t miss your Yoga session for these impediments. Yoga, in turn, makes your spine, bones, joints, and muscles more powerful. Thus, you end up getting stronger and healthier by the end of the day, thanks to the coalition of Yoga and CBD oil.Before Buying, one can also real CBD testimonials and choose wisely. 



  • Both Yoga and CBD oil lead you towards a drug-independent lifestyle:


Sometimes the medicines we consume contain some drugs that make us dependent on them. In some cases, people take recourse to highly addictive substances like Heroin to escape from their illness. CBD is not only non-psychoactive itself, but it also helps you to come out of drug-dependence and enables you to opt for healthy lifestyle practices like Yoga. A daily practice of Yoga further strengthens you mentally and helps you to shun all your unnecessary obsessions.



  • CBD and Yoga complement each other in treating critical ailments: 


Yoga is a healing method that can change critical conditions that are beyond the reach of conventional treatment. CBD oil is also a potent healer of complex diseases like Epilepsy, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and Parkinson’s disease. When you carry on with both CBD oil and Yoga, you have a high chance of getting some relief from these severe issues which are otherwise hard to cure through conventional methods.



  • Both of these make your life happy and peaceful:



Both CBD oil and Yoga, beyond providing the basic health benefits, are adept at one thing: both of these make your life peaceful. In these times, most of us suffer from various kinds of tension, and happiness is a fleeting thing that we only crave in our dreadful routines. Now you can worry less because a proper integration of the practice of Yoga and the consumption of CBD oil will calm down your nerves and give you a fresh perspective of life, rejuvenating and peaceful. 


Ways to consume CBD oil before your Yoga sessions:

  1. Edible CBD oil: Although edible CBD oil is readily accessible on the market, it is extremely easy to make at home. You only need CBD isolate or concentrate and a carrier or cooking oil.


  1. Vapes: Vaping is a popular way to consume CBD oil. However, you must ensure the raw CBD oil is naturally processed and is suitable for vaping.
  2. Topicals: Besides consuming CBD oil orally, it is also applied to the skin through the help of some carrier oils like coconut oil. Just make sure your skin responds well to CBD oil.  


The people who can practice Yoga but shouldn’t consume CBD oil: 

Yoga is a practice that comes without any caveats, and people from all walks can do it. However, with CBD oil, there are certain things you should be cautious of. Although research on CBD oil is at an elementary level, it is advisable to bar pregnant or breastfeeding women from consuming it. It is more of a preventive measure than anything else. 


Final thoughts on Yoga and CBD oil:

Both Yoga and CBD oil are a means to cross our mental and physical barriers and advance towards our highest potentials. Both of these are regarded as powerful and positive interventions in our lives that can transform us for the better. Just remember to begin things slow and steady, and take the help of experts if needed.



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