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How To Blow Smoking Rings With An E-Cigarette?

As e-cigarettes begin to take over the global market, more people are excited to know what it would mean to choose them over traditional cigarettes. E-cigarettes have evolved in the past few years to enhance safety and portability. But the question for most users trying to switch to these devices is less about safety and designs. Instead, it is about how close the experience is to smoking a cigarette.


Vaping devices use e-liquids with nicotine infusion instead of tobacco. They evaporate the liquid using heating elements to convert it to an aerosol that users inhale. The aerosol is different from the regular smoke in some ways, but it can be just as fun or even better to experience. 


Take smoking tricks, for instance. There are several tricks one can perform using smoke from e-cigarettes, just like your regular cigarettes. In comparison to regular tobacco cigarettes, e-cigarettes create dense smoke and long-lasting vapour appropriate for performing smoke tricks.


Some party tricks like smoke rings can make one look cool, and all you need is some practice with your vape pen. Here is a simple guide for blowing smoke rings using an e-cigarette.

Step 1: 


Switch on your vape module and wait till it is ready to inhale. 

Step 2: 


Slowly and partially inhale the vapour into your mouth. Make sure that you do not inhale the vapour completely.

Step 3: 


Push your tongue back and down towards the base of your mouth. It will keep the smoke away from the lips and will bring it towards the back of your mouth. 

Step 4: 


Make a ring shape with your mouth and lips and drop your jaw down. It will help in increasing the pressure with which the rings are created. The pressure helps to make the rings thicker and last longer. 

Step 5: 


Carefully release small bursts of vapour while adjusting positions of your jaw and changing the shape of your mouth and lips till you start seeing small rings.

Step 6: 


Repeat from step 2 to keep practising the technique. 


Tip: Experimenting with different positions usually reveals the best placement of jaw, burst pressure, the shape of your mouth and lips to achieve large rings.

Points To Remember


Choose e-liquids with a higher concentration of VG or vegetable glycerin. It is a sweet and thick compound that helps to improve vapour density. These liquids will give you dense smoke rings, but will also require more practise to master the trick. Explore a variety of e liquids with optimum VG: Pg ratio for fun experiments. 


Keep in mind to take breaks frequently between practice to ensure that your jaw or mouth does not cause pain or get tired. Some of these techniques, if practised improperly, may result in temporary difficulty/pain while chewing, strain while breathing, and tearing of the skin of the lips. 


Beware of e-cigarettes that have a burner very close to the mouthpiece. These devices can cause burns on your lips or mouth if inhaled continuously or very frequently. Make sure to check the e-cigarette and test the heating limit tolerance. You can decide how often to practice, based on this value.


Hydrate as much as possible during breaks. Most e-liquids tend to cause a sore throat and dry mouth. It could lead to excessive dehydration and discomfort. 


Mastered the smoke rings? Well, here are some more intriguing smoke tricks you can try with an e-cigarette.


  • Ghost Inhale/Mushroom Cloud


This is a relatively simple trick compared to making a ring.

Step 1


Inhale some smoke and hold it in your mouth for a few seconds. Do not inhale it completely. 

Step 2


After a few seconds, open your mouth and let the vapour escape. Close your mouth immediately after the vapour has escaped. Make sure not to blow out the air from your mouth.  Letting the vapour leave naturally gives it the mushroom/cloud-like structure. 


Tip: Keep practising since this technique is particularly tricky at first.

  • Liquid Mist


This technique is one of the most popular ones as it involves several scientific principles and looks excellent. To perform this, you need a body of cold water in a glass or a bowl. 

Step 1


Inhale a large amount of smoke and then start releasing it slowly on the surface of the water. If you go too fast, the vapour would spread out and won’t settle. You will also need to ensure that there is no air being blown directly on the top of the surface of the water as it will prevent the vapour from settling.


Tip: This technique can also be done on a solid surface which is cold in a similar manner.

  • Tornado


This technique is used in confluence with mist or liquid mist. 

Step 1


Repeat the steps from the above to create a mist. 

Step 2


Let the vapour settle on the surface with minimum interference from the air. 

Step 3


Rotate your hands in the vapour once or twice and immediately pull your hands up after the rotation. It will create a tornado which will follow your hand’s trajectory.

  • Double or Triple Smoke Rings


This technique is probably the toughest and might take a long time to master. 

Step 1


Place your finger on your lips and pull down the top lip slightly to split the opening into two parts. Now you can use the same ‘O’ shape of your mouth to create a ring.

Step 2


For triple rings, use two fingers to split the exhale. Keep your mouth open and much more comprehensive to make even-sized rings.


Performing smoke rings and tricks with vapour will make your e-cigarettes even more exciting. Imagine creating enchanting mushroom clouds with aromatic e-liquids like lemon, or watermelon. Sounds flavorful and fun, right? All it takes is some practice to show off these neat smoke tricks at the next party that will captivate your friends.

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