How to Choose the Best Self Tanning Lotion for Your Skin

The dewy sun-kissed glow that comes with a tan is a look that many people want to emulate. Some people spend hundreds of pounds a month to use tanning beds while others go out of their way to soak in some sun just to get a little color on their skin. Although both practices have proven to work, they aren’t necessarily the healthiest of tanning practices.

Too much sun exposure, whether natural or from tanning beds can come with dire consequences such as skin cancer. Thankfully with the release of the self tanning lotion, you can get the sun-kissed hue without any of the risks. But the use of these lotions isn’t as simple as slathering the first one you find. You first need to look for the right type of self tanning products by following these tips:

#1: Choose Self Tanners Based On Your Natural Skin Colour

Most self tanning products in the market usually come in two varieties: light and dark tan. Those who have pale skin are recommended to use light self tanners because the leap to the darkest shade can have disastrous results. As for those with darker skin, the dark self tanning lotion gives the best results as the light tanning variety might not show a difference even after several applications.

#2: Bronzers Are NOT Tanning Lotions

There has been a recent boom in the beauty industry called bronzers which are marketed as a new type of self tanning product. While bronzers can change your skin tone after a few applications, they are not tanning lotions. Bronzers require daily and repeated use to achieve the desired tanned look, which is time-consuming.

#3: Self Tanners Are NOT Sunscreen

It is a common misconception that self tan lotions double as sunscreen which is false. Those who want to darken their natural skin color should look for a different sunscreen lotion with at least 15 SPF to protect your skin from UV rays. This is a great practice to adapt whether you use self tanners or not as this will protect your skin from sun damage.

#4: Look For Self Tanners That Do Not Require Sun Exposure

It might seem like a fib, but there are self tanning products that do not require sun exposure to result in a long-lasting tan. These products are best for those who want the tanned look without risking the side-effects of sun exposure such as sunburn or dry skin. Self tanners that work indoors are also the perfect choice for people who are too busy to take time out for a trip to the beach or a sunbathing session.

#5: Not All Self Tanners Have The Same Result

Just like with most beauty products in the market finding the best self tanning products will require a few trial and errors. Be patient and take your time in trying the different forms of self tanning products such as creams and lotions to find which one works the best for your needs and skincare routine.