How to get rid of chronic sinus permanently

Sinus, or any ailment for that matter, when stated as chronic, means that the ailment is persistent for a long time. For a lot of patients, a sinus headache is mostly caused by an infection, further, lead to inflammation and pressure within the sinus cavities. It can also develop from allergies or other irritants that cause fluid secretion. These conditions can block drainage from the sinuses, thus, increasing the sinus pressure. The main symptoms of sinusitis are headaches, facial pain, and tenderness over the affected area. There are other symptoms, that are listed below:


  • Sudden movements of the head causing pain
  • Nasal congestion
  • Post-nasal drip
  • Nasal discharge or runny nose
  • Yellow or green discharge from the nose
  • Pain in the upper teeth
  • Fever or chills
  • Tiredness or body aches


What causes a sinus headache?

Inflammation of the sinuses tissues is the primary cause of sinusitis that causes a sinus headache. The inflamed tissues swell and secrete a fluid that disrupts the drainage system of the sinuses, thereby causing a fluid build-up. This fluid build-up leads to an increase in pressure, pain and sinus headache. The inflammation may trigger from listed conditions:


  • an allergic reaction
  • infection
  • irritation


Sinus may have affected over 14-15% of people and millions worldwide suffer from chronic sinusitis. Surprisingly, a lot of people do not visit an ENT Specialist until symptoms begin to enhance and affect their life & productivity.


How is a sinus infection diagnosed?

A discussion of patients medical history and a physical examination can establish the diagnosis of a sinus headache. Sometimes a healthcare professional may order a CT scan for images of the sinuses.

Other causes of headaches, including migraines, may initially inflict symptoms.


How does sinus infection affect you?

The pain or sinus headache gets worse in the morning from the mucous collection throughout the night. For some patients, a sinus headache is similar to migraine headaches. Keeping yourself hydrated and breathing humidified air are known self-care measures to relieve a sinus headache.

If you are suffering from the sinusitis or feeling symptoms of sinus infection, there are a lot of treatments that you can take. It is not unheard of that when people don’t find relief or I should say, to the desired extent from medicines, they want to look for surgical treatments. We will tell you about the best and most advanced surgical treatment, one that delivers the fastest healing, in detail. For now, take a look at home remedies. See, as a kid, I use to run to my grandmother’s for everything, if I am hurt, bit by a bee, or even in cold. She fixed everything for me with home remedies, so for sinus infection, I am listing some of the useful remedies here.

In addition to this, it’s a fact that patients at initial stages of sinus infection hardly realize symptoms. If the symptoms last over 2-3 months, it could be an indication of chronic sinusitis, which by the way is treatable by surgery. With modern developments, painless & effective treatments are available.


Some best home remedies that anyone can use to ease sinusitis symptoms:

  • Staying hydrated
  • Using a humidifier to keep the room air moist
  • Over-the-counter (OTC) medications
  • Decongestants are useful in promoting drainage of the sinuses


Treatment of sinus inflammation

The condition is quite common and some patients of sinusitis do not require surgery. The symptoms can successfully be treated medically with antibiotic therapy and other medications as well as treatment of allergy. People who are allergic and have chronic sinusitis need to keep the sinuses under control. Also, in order to completely cure the condition, a patient may need to take aggressive treatment whether with allergy immunotherapy or sinus surgery. And now, there are treatments available that can offer long-lasting results.

With the help of technology, it became possible. New surgical treatments have shown excellent results. They offer faster recovery, performed under 30-60 minutes, cure ear infections & disorders without pain. It is the best ENT treatment as it deters the recurrence of conditions but the reach of this treatment is limited because of its advanced & complex nature. If you are suffering from ear pain or any other ENT condition, schedule an appointment with the best ENT clinic for you.

Advanced sinus treatment, FESS with microdebrider is performed with general anesthesia so a patient will be asleep during the procedure. After surgery, a patient will spend a few hours in a recovery room so he can rest and wake up on his/her own.


The modern ENT clinic for permanent treatment of sinus

The new and modern ENT clinics are leveraging most advanced treatments to perform specialized care treatments. With a team of highly trained & experienced doctors and modern equipment, they perform surgeries for ENT and the specialists are highly trained in modern daycare treatment, performed thousands of advanced surgeries, and have a long list of satisfied customers. The treatments have shown remarkably faster recoveries with nil or minimal risks, they are painless, minimally invasive, and have fewer risks. Unlike traditional surgeries, modern treatments don’t leave cuts or surgical marks, nor do they develop into complicated conditions. One such healthcare service provider in India is Pristyn Care.

They have footprints in over 15 cities in India and with distributed and daycare ecosystem, they take care of insurance claims hassle. Some of their former patients even mentioned that they were amazed by the patient experience and journey.

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