How to Have an Amazing Magic Mushroom Trip – in 9 Easy Steps |

How to Have an Amazing Magic Mushroom Trip – in 9 Easy Steps

If you are looking forward to an amazing journey through your mind with magic mushrooms, Canada has some of the best varieties on offer. But what are magic mushrooms? These are a species of mushroom that can induce psychoactive and hallucinogenic effects. After harvesting, the mushroom is dried, after which it can be blended into foods and drinks, taken directly or smoked. However, you can also eat them fresh before drying. 

These species contain alkaloids that are responsible for inducing a psychedelic feeling that many consider a spiritual experience. However, before you consider a trip down that road, there are a few things you need to understand about shrooms. 


Magic Mushrooms are Hallucinogenic

Psilocybin is the main compound in these mushrooms. In the human body, psilocybin is converted to psilocin, which activates serotonin receptors in the brain, affecting the balance of perception, mood, and cognition. Neurological studies of the brain have shown that experience attained during the trip is similar to dreaming!

Everyone wants their first mushroom trip to leave them with a ‘wow’ factor. However, not everyone gets this feeling. This is not just an adventure to explore yourself but a spiritually enriching and life-changing moment. It all comes down to planning. If you do not plan well, the experience can take charge of your senses and control your world, throwing you into a terrifying vicious adventure. For the best experience, you will have to consider multiple factors, discussed below:

How to Prepare for your Magic Mushroom Trip


  • Understand The Species


The effects of magic mushrooms depend largely on the species. The most common species are the psilocybe Mexicana and psilocybe cubensis, which belong to the genus psilocybe. Each species contains a different concentration of the alkaloid responsible for the psychoactive effect. For a first-time experience, it is advisable that you choose a species with low concentrations. While psilocybe cubensis is the most widely cultivated and the most commercially consumed, the lesser-known psilocybe azurescens is believed to be the most potent. 


  • Prepare Psychologically


For the best experience, you need to be in a state of mind that is receptive to the feelings you are about to receive. You need to be relaxed, positive, and optimistic. You also need to be in a supportive environment and around positive individuals.Dosage

The amount of mushrooms to take depends on the amount of psilocybin content. Many people report having felt the psychedelic effects with just 0.2-0.5g of the dried mushrooms. This amount is believed to be enough to lock the user in a psychedelic state for three to six hours. It may take about an hour to start experiencing the altered state, so you should be careful not to overdose. 


  • Tag a Friend


Once the effects set in, your interpretation of everything will be magnified. If you are a first-time user, you should be in the company of a friend you can trust to help you feel safe and enjoy the trip. If you are in an uncomfortable place, you might become anxious and the trip will end up being frightening. 


  • Choose a Licensed Vendor


You should only buy your products from legal vendors or specialist stores. There are so many species out there that look the same and if you are not a trained mycologist, you might pick something poisonous. Moreover, legal vendors will have the weight dosage or weight that will be indicated in the unit of measurement suitable for your region.  Check for the vendor who is doing weed delivery or someone who has licence into such products. those can give you something original as you cannot trust everyone’s product.



  • Carry Water


Many first-time users experience intense feelings when the trip starts to set in. You may have intense emotions as your mind and body adjusts to the rise in serotonin in the brain. Water will help you. Neurological studies have found one of the therapeutic benefits of water is its ability to alleviate anxiety. Water improves the delivery of nutrients to the brain by controlling the signaling pathway. This ensures that the brain gets more energy to handle stress. 


  • Dress Conformably


Every individual reacts differently to the psychedelic. Since it is your first experience, you should be prepared for anything. If it is cold, dress warmly but if it is warm, dress light but carry something warm just in case things change. 


  • Have Some Cool Music


Neuroscientists believe that listening to music reduces anxiety. So, bring along your favorite playlist. Studies have shown that listening to music increases cortisol levels in the brain thereby lowering stress and anxiety. 


  • Have a Pen and Paper Handy


Most people like to keep a journal when they trip. Remember that you are undergoing self-exploration and you might have random epiphanies about things in a way you have never seen before. It is important to record these experiences as they may change your life. 


Magic mushrooms will alter the way you see the world. Some people even engage in reckless behavior. However, no adverse effects are associated with the use of these products. Nonetheless, because of the potential hallucinations, make sure you are in a safe and controlled environment. 

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