How to Make Solvent-Free Rosin Shatter? |

How to Make Solvent-Free Rosin Shatter?

If you are a cannabis enthusiast waiting to try some high-quality cannabis extracts, rosin and shatter are some of the premium products to look out for. They are generally high in THC content and can give you the best experience. If you like good shatter is a great choice for buying some. Or if you would like to prepare a rich shatter at home, follow these simple steps to prepare a solvent-free bubble hash and rosin shatter. You can obtain rosin by either purchasing it from different stores near you or plant one for yourself by getting the growing supplies from a Seed Bank

What you need


  • 2x 5-gallon buckets
  • Ice cubes
  • 3 gallons of water
  • 4-5 mesh bubble bags
  • 1 teaspoon
  • 1 wooden spoon to mix
  • Wax paper
  • Frozen cannabis
  • Flat iron


How to Prepare


  • Start by preparing the cannabis trim for bubble hash formation. In a 220u mesh bag, place ice cubes and cannabis trim in layers. Make sure to fill the bag. 
  • Place this bag inside a bucket. Add about 3 gallons of water to the bucket through the mesh. Let the set-up rest for about 2 minutes. Using a wooden spoon slightly mix the setup for about 3 minutes.
  • Remove the mesh bag out of the old bucket and set up a fresh bucket. Pour the water from the old bucket through the mesh and fill the new bucket. Discard the contents of the mesh bag.
  • Take a fresh 120u mesh bag and transfer the water from the new bucket through the mesh bag into the old bucket carefully. Scoop the contents of the 120u mesh bag and place it aside after passing the water. Set up the residue for drying.
  • Use a set of finer mesh bags to repeat the process using the new and old bucket at least 5-6 times. Scoop out the contents of the bag each time properly and make sure to dry them completely. Try to clean out the mesh bags completely before you pass the water to gather all of the solid residues.
  • The content you kept aside is the bubble hash. Your preparation is solvent-free and is completely safe as compared to store-bought. Based on the quality of your cannabis trim, the quality of your shatter will vary. So make sure you choose premium quality cannabis for the best end products.
  • Now remove the dry trichomes you placed aside and arrange them on the shiny side of the wax paper. Make sure to arrange them on one side of the paper to close the other half of the paper on top.
  • Switch on your hair straightener and place it in low heat mode to convert the trichomes into shatter. Slowly apply heat to the paper sandwich containing the trichomes. It will melt the bubble hash and create shatter.
  • Once the bubble hash melts, your shatter is ready to use!


Another amazing drink to try other than Rosin shatter is the one with sunset sherbet. That has a delicious fruity taste to it.


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