Is it worth to pay dentist for Teeth Whitening Treatment?

If you’re embarrassed to share your smile with those around you due to yellow teeth, stains, or discoloration, whitening your teeth might be for you. This cosmetic Teeth Whitening Treatment can blanch your teeth for a spectacularly brighter, uniform smile and a significant self-confidence increase. However, if you get a premium from your cosmetic dentist, you may start questioning whether professional teeth whitening is really worth the cost. Typically, dentists, as well as friends and family members who have had professional whitening will agree–the price is well worth the treatment.

Over-the-counter products do not deliver

True, those whitening strips that are over – the-counter (OTC) are much cheaper than professional Cosmetic Teeth Whitening. What you may not know is that not nearly as strong are the products you can purchase from sources. The components treat stains on the surface. Decolored teeth, however, have stains on the surface and under the surface. Regardless of how many products you use over – the-counter, or how often, you won’t be able to achieve the full whitening you can expect from professional treatment. OTC products can also trigger sensitivity to the tooth, while overuse can harm your teeth. As far as price is concerned, think your Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment Sydney will cost $500, but for 3 years you choose to spend $30 per pack of white strips once every two months. You’ll have spent $540 on white strips by the end of the third year without ever getting a really bright, white smile.

Do not risk brushing your enamel away

Just as with OTC whitening strips, it fails to produce attempts to remove brushing and flossing stains. True, toothpaste whitening, frequent brushing, and periodic flossing are important to address surface stains. You may practice brushing strongly, however, and you may often enhance your teeth’s whiteness. Unfortunately, if you over-brush, use abrasive toothpastes continuously, and use anything stronger than a soft-bristle toothbrush, the uppermost layer on your teeth–called enamel–may get weakened and worn down. Weakened enamel may not be as successful in protecting your teeth from tooth decay and may result in tooth sensitivity. In this case, instead of enjoying the advantages of a beautiful smile, you may end up spending cash restoring the impacts of fragile teeth.

Professional results are comfortable and long-lasting

Professional teeth whitening by Sydney Dental Specialists is accessible in a multitude of forms, including in-house and take-home, as well as various formulas depending on your teeth’s sensitivity. However, your comfort is taken into consideration in all professional teeth whitening procedures. Your dentist will safeguard your gums and choose the most appropriate therapy course for your requirements. Furthermore, while professional teeth whitening may last six months to two years, according to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), it also has the potential to last up to 10 years. Teeth whitening extends from the inside out deep below the surface of your teeth to shine and whiten. For several years, you can expect a smile to be at least eight shades whiter, if not more–just practice excellent optimal daily hygiene, and in the long run your investment will really pay off.

Professionals use whitening with higher peroxide

Your dentist may use a greater dose of carbamide or hydrogen peroxide in your office than most whiteners in your home (Haywood, 2008). For example, over – the-counter whitening strips use only a small amount of peroxide, about 6%. The ADA’s suggested peak proportion is 10 percent (ADA, 2003). Many gels use 22 percent for at-home trays. The maximum frequently used is 35 percent, which is what the dentist might discover.

The risk with a 35% alternative is that you only have to leave it on your teeth for a certain quantity of moment, rarely longer than an hour, and afterwards it has a greater power for extreme awareness. That’s why a skilled whitener of teeth is best implemented, not by yourself. But remember: just because the use of a stronger whitening gel by a dentist doesn’t mean that your teeth will get whiter. The power of the gel only influences how long it can be applied and how fast it will remove the stains. So while a 10% peroxide paste can be left on for a couple of hours, a 35% paste should not exceed 60 minutes, but the end result will be the same (Haywood, 2004).

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