keto diet for migraines

Keto Diet For Migraines Any Good?

Keto diet for migraines – People who have frequent migraines know that any advice is welcome. Here’s a new one: a low-carb diet can be a good weapon to avoid these crises.

Since the 1920s, scientists have had evidence that the ketogenic diet — high in fat, protein, moderate and low in carbohydrates – can help prevent migraines. However, it was still not clear if this effect was related to carbohydrates in particular, or as a result of weight loss.

Keto Diet and Migraines

To investigate this theory, a team of scientists led by Cherubino Di Lorenzo, the don Carlo Gnocchi Foundation in Italy, compared the results of this diet, with another-low in calories, but rich in carbohydrates. The results were published in late July, in the journal Nutrients.

Team monitorizou 35 adults with more weight who suffer from migraines and answers. At random, each of them for four weeks follow one of two diets. Participants received dishes such as smoothies and soups that had the same amount of fat and calories, but different proportions of protein and carbohydrates, depending on the diet.

Overall, participants lost the same amount of weight over the course of the study. However, the cetogénica diet was much more effective in preventing migraines. Almost 75% of participants who followed this diet saw the number of migraines reduced by at least half. Meanwhile, only 9% of people experienced this level of improvement on a diet that was rich in carbohydrates.

In a statement to New Scientist, Di Lorenzo explained that the cetogénica diet can work because the brain uses ketones as fuel, not glucose. In studies on Guinea pigs, he added, bodies with these organic compounds reduced brain inflammation and stopped the spread of electrical waves that are thought to be causing migraine pain.

Christina Sun-Edelstein, at the University of Melbourne, in Australia, ” he said in the same journal that more research is needed before this diet is recommended to prevent this problem.

“There are many treatments for migraines that initially seem to work, but after eventually dececionar. If you demonstrate that it is effective and safe in larger studies, then I believe that this is something that many people would be willing to try.”

Keto Diet For Migraines

According to the world Health Organization (who), 30% of the world’s population aged 18 to 65 is said to have migraines. Due to the influence of hormones, three times more women than men are affected.

In addition to helping with weight loss, research has already shown that the keto diet is also a good weapon against neurological diseases like epilepsy and schizophrenia.

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