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Making Your Diet a Lifestyle


In the world of health there are always diets bandied about as being the supreme way to lose weight and feel great. However, diets have the understanding of a short-lived solution; what if the real solution to health is transforming a healthy diet into a changed lifestyle? Lifestyle encompasses a string of long-term decisions made over the course of a person's life. Maybe the key to living a longer, healthier life is not a short-term fix but a total buy-in of diet to the point where it morphs into lifestyle choices made daily over an entire lifetime.

One of the keys to embracing lifestyle change is to make the next right decision and not worry about changing every detail all at once. Simply changing one habit at a time and incorporating simple strategies that work can help build momentum toward substantial change. For example, Le-Vel Thrive is a three step daily system that involves taking supplements, drinking a shake, and then wearing an arm patch. This one simple method has helped countless people to have more energy, sharpen mental acuity, and lose weight. Part of the effectiveness of this strategy comes in having more energy and being less stationary. Living life to the fullest burns calories; just moving more can be a very effective weight loss strategy. Weight loss is almost a side effect of the improved measure of vitality a person shows when working this program.


There are many other lifestyle factors which could be layered in for maximal success of any program. Sleep hygiene is a big aspect of how well a person is able to mentally function, problem solve, and even make decisions like what to eat for dinner. This factor is often overlooked or ignored but sleeping is free, important, and plays a vital role in your health. There are also natural supplements that can aid in sleep if it is an issue.


Hydration is an important consideration as well. It is a well known fact that individual cells cannot function correctly if there is not enough water in the body. Human bodies need water and it is depleted through the day with caffeine, other diuretics, and sweating so it is good to ensure replacement of fluids throughout the day. This is another low cost change which can be easily implemented without huge change to the daily schedule.


It has been mentioned earlier but movement and exercise are vital to a healthy lifestyle. Even just 30 minutes a day 5 days per week of walking can be a huge help to someone wanting to craft a healthier life. Perhaps most critically exercise has been found to favorably impact brain health and in some cases lead to the growth of new brain cells.


One final change that has helped so many people get on a healthier path is to significantly lower sugar intake and keep blood sugar balanced. Sugar is toxic to every system of the body and as bodily age progresses, the effects of sugar can become more deleterious. In some forms, like high fructose corn syrup, it can even add to your toxic load because it contains varying levels of mercury. Spikes in blood sugar over time can lead to metabolic syndrome or diabetes which require a great deal of management and can significantly affect the quality of life.


In conclusion, as one of Aesop's fables states so effectively, small and steady wins the race. If the conquest of health is achieved through morphing diet into lifestyle, making small changes like these can have a cumulative effect. The synergy of adding these habits in gradually until they become routine parts of daily life can bring measurable success.


Paisley Hansen
Paisley is a freelance writer and expert in health, fitness, beauty, and travel. When she isn’t writing she can usually be found reading a good book or hitting the gym.