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‘Mowgli girl’ may not have been raised by monkeys: Experts.

They call her “girl Mowgli” of UP (Uttar Pradesh), and it is now believed that monkeys may not have brought her up. In January, eight years old abandoned girl was found in a wildlife sanctuary in Katarniyaghat. She appeared in underwear with a wounded body and matted hairs while being spotted by patrols.

However, her behavior was not humanly, and she communicated like monkeys, ate food like animals, and used her hands for walking (just like animals). She instantly got the name of girl Mowgli” due to her unnatural behavior.

On Friday, Gyan Prakash Singh, the divisional forest officer, said that it is highly unlikely that a girl managed to escape hundreds of security cameras, and even no staff member noticed her for years. It was evident that she was just dropped here as the patrol team got to her.

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On January 25, she was taken to District hospital Bahraich by the rescuers, where she is having medical treatment in an isolation ward. KK Verma, the Paediatrician, is highly doubtful that monkeys raised this feral girl.

He stated that her parents might have left her in the forest because of her psychological conditions, and shortly after that, she was spotted by the police team. Also, it is an absurd proposition that monkeys raised her. According to doctors, the girl needs psychiatric assessment and treatment.

The rescue team’s head constable Sarbajeet Singh narrated that girl was found near an outpost in the Khapada forest. There were no signs of monkeys around her, and initially, she refused to come with us, but the hunger and cold changed her mind.

She has been named as Van Durga, and she has become a center of attention for people as they are curious to see her. However, she is afraid of human company and avoids them at any cost.

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Since the first day, it has been very difficult for Renu Devi (sanitation worker) and M Bhalla (matron) to make her follow the instructions. Her diet mostly consists of chapattis and fruits, and any offer of biscuits by visitors is not rejected by the girl.

Renu stated that she is not taking any medicine now as her wounds have been healed. She mumbles to show signs of hunger, and when she is thirsty, she often throws the glass on the floor. She has now started adopting human ways as she could not differentiate between human waste and food in the early days. Also, she uses gestures while asking for food. She can also use the toilet now, said Renu.

DK Singh, the Chief medical superintendent, believes that Durga followed or copied monkeys during her stay in the jungle. She noticed how they eat or scream, and she adapted accordingly.

Experts believe that the girl needs intelligence, communication, and behavioral tests to properly assess her mental condition and any kind of torture or trauma she may have experienced.

King George’s Medical University’s assistant professor, Pooja  Mahour, said that engaging the girl with her female age fellows will be very helpful for her. If there is a case of torture, she must be evaluated for any psychological trauma.

For further psychiatric assessment and treatment as per the order of the juvenile court, the girl is scheduled to travel to Lucknow on Saturday.

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