Nail Abnormalities

Nail Abnormalities: Causes, Symptoms & Prevention

Nail Abnormalities:

One thing you flaunt always everywhere is your hands which draws immediate attention towards your nails. Be it the fingernails or the toenails, if they are healthy, they look smooth with a consistent color. Any deviation to that points towards a health condition, it might be something related to nail itself or your internal body systems.

Though abnormal nail conditions are not serious and can be easily treated, a little awareness about them can help you keep the nails and your entire body healthier. What could be the possible causes for abnormal nails and how to take better care of them can help you keep your nails healthy so that you can flaunt them with more confidence the next time.

Even if you are taking enough care of your nails and find them dull and unhealthy, there might be some underlying health condition that needs attention. Hair and nails are a few of those body parts that can help you gain insight into your overall health.

Health Conditions related to Nail Abnormalities:

The nail in itself needs the care to be healthy and shiny. However, if you have any underlying medical condition, then that needs to be addressed first to witness obvious improvement in your nail condition. Some of the health conditions that reflect through your nails are listed below:

Darier Disease: It is one of the rarest types of genetic disorder mostly found among adolescents. It becomes apparent with skin rashes and white or reddish stripes in the toenails and fingernails. 

Kidney problems: People with acute or chronic kidney condition also have unhealthy looking nails. A few things to watch in the nails are Beau’s lines which are side-to-side lines present on the nails. Koilonychia or ridged nails with spoon-shaped tip also points towards some iron deficiency or acute kidney condition. In the chronic condition of kidneys, you might find some white lines or spots on the nails.

Psoriasis: It is a skin disease which looks like scaly and red patches on the skin. Sometimes, it also shows up in the nails with yellow or red discoloration of the nails. With such signs, you must consult a dermatologist immediately who can suggest the right treatment. Once the problem is diagnosed, you can buy medicine from an online pharmacy.

Some Symptoms of Psoriasis include:

  • Nicks or pits in the nail plate
  • Lines running side-to-side in the nails
  • Thickening of the skin under the nail and loosening of the nails
  • White spots on the nail
  • Black lines running from tip to the cuticle
  • Redness near the cuticle

Arthritis: People with arthritis are more prone to grow cysts near the cuticle. These cysts are benign and can be cured with surgical intervention.

Stress: It is no less a culprit. People with prolonged illness, weakness, or continued stress might find their nails discolored and spotted. They even witness a lot of hair loss.

Prevention of Nail Abnormalities

Taking care of your nail topically is the first thing to do. Apart from that, you should go for a regular health check-up to find out if there is any specific health condition that needs treatment. Once your body systems are fine, you can rest assured that there is nothing much to worry about.

A few more things you can do are listed below:

  • Try to eat a balanced diet to provide all the important nutrients to your body.
  • Take enough of Vitamin B and Zinc which is needed for your nail health. These vitamins and supplements are even available in online pharmacy store where you can place an online order and get medicine delivery at doorstep.
  • Get checked for iron deficiency and eat iron-rich foods like dates, pomegranate, beetroot, raisins etc, in case of any deficiency.

When to Consult a Doctor?

Even if your nails look a little different there should be some consistency in them. If you find frequent changes in your nail color or texture, you should consider seeing a dermatologist. Some signs you should never ignore are listed below:

  • Swelling and redness around the nail
  • Brittle and pitted nails
  • Bleeding around the nails
  • Pain in the nails
  • Nails that are getting detached from the nail bed
  • Thinning or thickening of the nails
  • Curling or clubbing of nails

Beautiful nails not only add to your look but also ensures that you are healthy inside. Take care of your nails in the best possible way and seek medical care whenever needed to prevent any abnormalities of your nails or internal body systems. If prescribed by the doctor, keep taking your medicines, vitamins, or supplements to ensure you have healthy nails forever.

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